21 Great Fun Facts About Sex – Make Him Laugh The Morning After

21 Great Fun Facts About Sex - Make Him Laugh The Morning After

Learning a handful of fun facts about sex can be useful in many ways. Aside from shedding light on things that humanity has been curious about, these nuggets of wisdom are good ice breakers.

Needless to say, what we know about sex is just the tip of the iceberg. There are still many interesting facts about sex that researchers are trying to prove or refute. But right now, here are 21 sexual trivia that are both funny and mind-boggling.

1. One Man Can Father Humanity: A Single Male Can Impregnate Every Fertile Female

sperm to fertilize an eggIf you are worried about the future of humanity, turns out you should worry about having more fertile females than males.

Since all it takes is a single sperm to fertilize an egg, one man produces enough sperm cells to take care of procreation singlehandedly. Every second, a man produces 1,500 sperm cells and sheds about a billion of them each month. With this rate of sperm production, a healthy male can impregnate every fertile woman in the planet every two weeks.

2. The Male Ejaculate’s Speed Beat Olympic Records: Top Speed Go as Fast as 43 Miles Per Hour.

Are you curious to learn some fascinating facts about male ejaculation?

It might surprise you that the speed of a man’s ejaculation can reach up to 43 miles per hour. On average, though, the male ejaculation’s speed is 28 miles per hour. The world’s fastest runner has a top speed of 27.79 miles per hour. So, the average speed of ejaculation is faster than Usain Bolt’s best time.

There are many theories on the male ejaculation’s speed. Among the most convincing is that this system gives sperm cells a head start. On average, the sperm can only travel eight inches in an hour. So, they could use the glorious sendoff that an ejaculation gives them.

male body3. What Else Goes Erect in Aroused Males? 60 Percent Have Nipple Erections Too

Nipple erection is one of the classic signs of arousal in women although men also experience it. In fact, women should know that this male body part deserves some attention.

Nipple hardening is a sign of arousal in 60 percent of men. Having an orgasm from nipple play is not just a girl thing. Men could also have nipple orgasms when they twist and flick their nipples the right way. Needless to say, the areas surrounding the nipples are so sensitive that they can go erect even if a man is not feeling excited.

4. Interesting Facts About Sex: There Are Twice as Many Nerve Endings in the Clitoris Compared to the Penis

Clitoral stimulation is one of the best sources of pleasure for women. This may be why a lot of people are interested in how this hooded pleasure button works.

One straightforward explanation is that it has 8,000 nerve endings.  In fact, there are more nerve endings in the clit compared to the penis. The sole function of the clitoris is also pleasure given the concentration of nerve endings in this area.

Given how many endings are in that female area, it’s no wonder why it feels amazing when the love button gets the right kind of attention.

5. There’s Something about a Man’s Digits: Longer Ring Finger Compared to Index Finger Indicates More Testosterone

man's fingersOne of the fun facts about the human body that you can share with your partner is the ratio between a man’s fingers and what it means. The ratio between the length of the second digit or the index finger to the fourth digit or the ring finger reveals the amount of testosterone and other male hormones in his body. The longer the ring finger, the more testosterone there is in a man’s body.

The testosterone level is also relevant to a man’s penis size. Basing on the ratios between the two digits, men whose index fingers to ring finger ratio are high had longer stretched penile sizes.

6. Most Pleasurable Cure: Orgasms Help Alleviate Migraine Headaches

headachesThe big O is not just good for stress relief. It can help alleviate pain related to a migraine and cluster headaches. In one study, 60 percent of the people suffering from a migraine reported improvements after orgasm while 33 percent responded that it made their headache worse.

In times like this when having sex is the last thing on your mind because of the pain, it wouldn’t hurt trying the cure sexual intercourse has to offer. To find relief through an orgasm, it does not matter whether you feel a connection to your partner or not.The kind of sexual position or activity you are performing is also irrelevant.

For occasions like this, you may also need libido boosters like Vigorelle if you don’t want to take a sexual enhancement pill. Products like this one which comes in a cream applied to the genital area can boost female sexual desire. Once you’re ready to engage in a full-on sexual encounter, it is necessary to experience a full orgasm if you want to feel partial or complete relief from a migraine.

7. The Mind Wanders During Sexual Intercourse: Two-thirds of Men and Women Think of Other People

You might think that fantasizing about people other than your partner is among the facts about masturbation. It turns out that it also happens even when you are having a sexual encounter with your partner.

Almost all of us have heard of people blurting out the name of the wrong person during sex. It turns out that it happens more often than we would have expected. In a UK survey, 46 percent of women admitted to fantasizing about someone else during sex with their partner while only 42 percent of men did.

Some people thought of friends or colleagues they want to have sex with but 60 percent were thinking of their old flames. A third of the women in the survey thought of their first love.

8. Hetero Males Lose in the Battle of Penile Sizes: Research Reveals Gay Men Are Bigger Down There

Gay MenThe Archives of Sexual Behavior published one study that gay men had significantly larger penises compared to straight men. Based on the data from the study, gay men’s penises measured 6.46 inches when erect compared to the 6.14 inches for heterosexual males. When flaccid, the average gay man’s penile length is 4.95 compared to the 4.80 inches for straight men.

Information like this one deserves to be in the journal of weird sex facts. But, it may support the claims that biological factors affect a person’s sexual orientation. Prenatal hormones may be to blame for the structure of the genitalia and may be one thing that determines whether a person becomes homosexual or heterosexual.

9. Sex with Heavyweights Could Be Good:Study Reveal That Fat Men Last Longer in Bed

In one study that correlated sexual performance with male sexual behavior. Men who were on the heavier side outlasted thinner men when it comes to sex. From what we know about how to satisfy a woman sexually, females don’t find much pleasure in a partner who can finish quickly.

A man who is on the bigger side lasts seven minutes in bed. Meanwhile, their leaner counterparts could only last for two minutes.

The higher levels of the female hormone estradiol may be to blame for the difference in endurance. This hormone blocks male hormones which delay climax. This allows these men to be better partners when it comes to sexual encounters.

10. Pumpkin Scent is an Aphrodisiac: The Smell of Pumpkin Increases Sexual Desire in Women and Penile Blood Flow in Men

PUMPKINDifferent things trigger arousal in men and women. One of the most unusual things that could excite both sexes seems to be the smell of pumpkin.

According to researchers, this smell beats perfume when it comes to arousing the sexual desire in males. The most potent combination is pumpkin and lavender.

The next time you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom, you might not need a bottle of expensive perfume. All you have to do is dig around the cupboard to find everything you need for a hot encounter. Now, isn’t that one of the most interesting fun facts about sex?

11. Housework Dampens the Male Sexual Desire: Guys Who Do the House Chores Tend To Have Less Sex

Some research suggests that women find men who do household chore sexy. A study that made its way to American Sociological Review refutes this, however. Men in egalitarian marriages apparently had less sex than those who were in traditional marriages.

When the man of the house takes over the household chores, they don’t get as much sex. The study reveals that men who stood as the breadwinner had sex one and a half times more.

Researchers believe that the close partnership in equal marriages may be the culprit. Needless to say, couples in egalitarian marriages are happier.

12. Income is Not Just a Financial Issue: Husbands Who Earn Less Than Their Wives Are Prone to Erectile Dysfunction

Financial IssueThe macho man image may be long gone given how impractical it is. Right now, there is a growing trend towards working despite being married.

Although income may not be an issue in some marriages, research suggests that when the wife earns more, the husband may be prone to erectile dysfunction. Apparently, the male ego is not the only thing that suffers when the wife brings in more money to the household.

The strain on not providing for their wives could take its toll on macho males even if they don’t tell their partners about it. Nevertheless, men who are not too traditional don’t get affected as much.

13. Your Spinal Cord is to Blame: Ejaculation is Not Your Brain’s Function

There are still many questions about the male ejaculation that scientists don’t know how to explain. While students get a simplified version in biology class, real life doesn’t work as it does in textbooks. Up until today, scientists seek to explain the male ejaculation.

Right now, most researchers believe that ejaculation starts in the nervous system.  Hence, it involves both the brain and the spinal cord. One of the fascinating facts about sex, however, is that ejaculation is a reflex action of the spinal cord.

Although pleasure from sex comes from the brain, ejaculation itself does not involve the brain. Ironically, even people who had spinal damage could still ejaculate. Hence, there’s definitely more to know about the male ejaculation.

14. Fun Facts About Sex: Copulation for the Sake Pleasure is Exclusive to Humans and Dolphins

Humans and DolphinsSex plays a vital role in anyone’s life whether male or female. In fact, it also plays a huge role in how animals live and almost every species on this planet copulates for the sake of procreation.

What makes human beings unique? Here’s one interesting fun fact to answer that -humans have sex for pleasure. Scientific studies reveal that dolphins and bonobos are the only other species that engages in sex even when not in heat.

For all three, the females had sex all year round, irrespective of the stage of their ovulation cycle.

15. Men Don’t Think of Sex All the Time: The Average Male Has 19 Sexual Thoughts Daily

One of the interesting sex facts that you may have come across is that men think about sex every seven seconds. But this number is too much.

Based on a study conducted by Dr. Terri Fisher of the Ohio State University, men don’t think of sex all the time. In a survey involving 283 college student respondents with 163 females and 120 males, results showed that males had sexual thoughts daily but not that frequently.

The data suggest that on average, men think of sex 19 times in one day. This number is still twice as much as females who think about it 10 times a day. For men, thinking of food is a close second to sexual thoughts since they think of eating 18 times a day.

16. Boners Are Natural to Males: The Average Man Gets 11 Erections Daily

Boners Are NaturalStudies reveal that a man gets about 11 erections every day. Contrary to popular belief, men don’t think of sex every time they get an erection. There are instances when erections happen even if there’s no stimulus.

During the night, males may experience up to five erections. This normal biological process often ends up in the morning erection or the “morning wood.” Scientists have no clear-cut explanation why nocturnal arousal happens, however.

Another type of erections that males experience without warning is the reflex erection. Reflex erections are common in young adults and its frequency decreases as a man grows older.

17. Weird Sex Facts on Female Ejaculation: Women Can Orgasm While Working Out

A trip to the gym may seem to be a tiring one but to some women, it is more pleasurable than not. Based on forum discussion, there are members of the female sex who get orgasms while they are working on their core.

Sex therapist Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D. sheds some light on this phenomenon. According to her, doing core workouts leads to orgasms as this pleasurable release requires leg tension in most women. The tension and the release of dopamine and endorphins during exercise end up in clitoral stimulation.

18. Sex Prevents You from Peeing: Why You Lose the Urge to Urinate During Sexual Encounters

Prevents You from PeeingAfter having a sexual encounter, you might notice that getting the urge to urinate isn’t there. There are also people who have a hard time releasing the contents of their bladder right after they had a sexual encounter.

This happens to be another one of those weird facts about sex. When you engage in sexual activity, the body releases an antidiuretic hormone responsible for preventing your body from releasing the contents of your bladder.

Try to urinate when you can. Remember that holding urine in your bladder may cause infection.

19. Natural Pain Reliever: Pain Threshold Increases During Arousal

sexIf you need any more reason to have sex, the increase in your ability to tolerate pain may convince you. Sex triggers the release of the love hormone, oxytocin. The amount of oxytocin in the body becomes five times more than the normal levels.

Endorphins are the body’s natural pain reliever. It soothes nerve impulses which lead to muscle and joint pain as well as menstrual cramps. In women, arousal can increase pain tolerance to as high as 74.6 percent.

The release of these feel-good hormones is so potent that kissing can release them too. Among the fun facts about kissing is that it can prevent back pain and also improve your bond with your partner.

Aside from helping out with pain, oxytocin also plays a vital role in helping us form bonds. So, next time you want some instant pain relief, you can decide to pop that pill or do something more pleasurable.

20. Interesting Sex Facts: Consistent Sexual Activity Leads to Regular Periods

Women often question how having sex can affect their period. When you have sex consistently, the level of hormones in your body shifts. This could lead to positive changes such as having more regular periods.

For women who are suffering from an irregular menstrual cycle, intercourse could be a good thing. Aside from that, there are many benefits in having sex especially when you reach orgasm.

21. Have More Sexy Dreams: Why People Who Sleep on Their Stomach Dream of Sex

sleepingWhat our dreams are may be due to our sleeping position. In a study looking into how body posture affects dream content, people sleeping on their stomach tend to have more sexual dreams.

Researchers suggest that people have more of these sexy thoughts because of the limited air supply in the body. The position constricts the airways after all which makes this theory possible. These naughty dreams often involve famous people who had a crush on the dreamer.

Sex is and will always remain to be a fascinating topic. These are just some of the fun facts about sex.

When it comes to sex, there are still many things we need to know. There is an overwhelming amount of data on having sex including facts about kissing and fun facts about sexting.

Being a fast-evolving topic, sex, always shocks, intrigues, and piques people’s curiosity.


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