Ladies, Learn How to Attract Love From the Man of Your Dreams

Ladies, Learn How to Attract Love From the Man of Your Dreams

The law of attraction is simple: you can attract whatever you think about, whether it is good or bad. Like attracts like, which means your actions, thoughts, feelings and perceptions could define your relationship reality.

Apparently, it’s not as easy as it seems, especially when it comes to the man of your dreams. Every man is different, which means each of them has their own set of preferences.

There is no need to worry. There are tried and tested techniques on how to attract love. What are these techniques in getting the man of your dreams attracted to you?

Read on to find out.

1. Taking the First Step on How to Attract Love – and the Man of Your Dreams

developing the right love mindsetLike attracts like and when it comes to how to attract love with law of attraction, it’s all about developing the right love mindset.

What does this mean?

The first step in attracting your dream man is by developing a love mindset. This means you have to believe in the concept of love, that you are worthy of love and be loved, and that you deserved to be happy in love. When you develop this positive mindset, you will be able to attract an equally positive and loving man.

Therefore, change your mind set about love and look at it in the positive light, despite the heartaches that come with it. It should be about your thoughts and feelings about love that matters most. Once you adopted positive beliefs, good things will follow.

How will you change your mindset? Read the next section to find out.

2. Specific Steps in Developing the Love Mindset

It sounds simple, but developing the right mindset in love can be difficult and challenging. On the other hand, if you are serious about getting the man of your dreams, you need to master this kind of mindset.

How will you do this? Try the following techniques:

  • Tell and constantly remind yourself that you are capable of changing your mindset.
  • Constantly make yourself feel good to attract more positive vibes.
  • Adopt positive beliefs about love and relationship.
  • Learn to accept that some relationships are not meant to last – and that you can move on from it.
  • Get enough rest.

Once you are able to develop the right mindset when it comes to love, you can proceed to the next steps on how to attract love into your life.

3. After the Love Mindset, Set Up Your Relationship Intention List

listing the qualities you likeCan you remember those days when you used to fill an autograph book and describe your ideal man? When you were younger, you already pictured how your future will be, regardless of how unrealistic it is. Now that you are older, there is nothing wrong with setting standards when it comes to love.

When it comes to attracting a loving man, be clear about the kind of relationship you want. It’s not just about listing the qualities you like in a guy, but be specific about how you and your dream man will fit together. Be clear about how your relationship should go and how you must feel about it.

For instance, your relationship intention list should have any of the following:

  • My man and I should share a deep and emotional bond where we can bare ourselves.
  • My perfect man should love me unconditionally and I should feel the same way.
  • Me and my man should know how to laugh at and with each other.
  • We should be enjoying doing things together, whether they are the same or different from our interests.

This is just the beginning. Keep on reading to find out how to attract love energy in your life.

4. Be Approachable: The Key on How to Attract Love into Your Life

If you were a guy, would you approach a woman who looks guarded and doesn’t even want to smile? Definitely not, right?

The same goes for men. If they see that you don’t look interested in meeting people and keep your guard up, then there is a possibility that you won’t be able to attract the man of your dreams.

What should you do? Two words: be approachable.

smile moreYou don’t have to look easy to encourage men to approach you. The first step in being approachable is to smile more. It is one of the most powerful gestures that makes a man feel more comfortable and at ease knowing that you are in a good and positive mood.

Don’t be shy to make an eye contact. If you caught him looking at you, lock eyes with him for a few seconds then look away. Once he starts to approach you, entertain him, but don’t reveal too much about yourself. There’s a perfect time for that.

5. Confidence: The Sexiest Thing You Can Wear to Attract a Man

There are many ways on how to attract a man and make him fall for you. If you want to seal the deal, then here is something you should always remember: be confident.

Confidence is one of the most amazing and strongest qualities every woman should have. You know who you are, what you want, and what you want to do with your life without someone dictating you what to do. You are able to present yourself in a manner that could attract people and get their attention, especially the man of your dreams.

Remember: confidence is sexy and irresistible, so keep wearing it.

6. Make Him Fall for You with Your Charm – Literally

Someone told you that to attract the love of your life, you should try Earth’s gem stones. After all, these stones have unique properties that could help produce a happier and healthier love life. The question now is what gem stone should you try and will yield positive results?

In this case, try rose quartz.

Rose quartz is a symbol of unconditional love. With its calming and reassuring qualities, rose quartz helps you appreciate and love yourself even more and brings back self-trust and self worth. It also opens new path to love or offers comfort in case you lost love.

rose quartzCheck out these tips on how to attract love with rose quartz:

  • Put a rose quartz sphere in a place where you want to draw love.
  • Wear rose quartz jewelry to help you attract love or develop more self-love.
  • Place a rose quartz stone under your pillow to help you bring the love of your life to you.
  • Use a rose quartz egg to bring fertility or make love grow.

This may seem odd to you, but there’s no harm in trying.

7. Learn to Cast a Spell and Attract Love from the Man of Your Dreams

You think spells and potions are just a product of humans’ imagination. Witches are not real and Harry Potter and the rest of the characters are not real. It turns out casting love spells could be effective in helping you find and get to know better the man of your dreams.

How is this possible?

Say hello to the Wiccan spells. Wiccan is a form of witchcraft and dates back to the Neolithic or Stone Age. It is a form of nature religion wherein the Mother Earth and Mother Nature are considered the Goddess and woodlands, grain, sun, and the hunt are gods.

How to Do a “How to Attract” Love Spell

To do this type of spell, make sure to prepare the following:

  • pink candlesRed and pink candles
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Dried basil
  • Moonstone and rose quartz crystal
  • Two apple seeds
  • Red cloth
  • Pink cord or yarn

Here’s how to do it:

  • Cast a circle and place everything in your sacred space underneath the full moon.
  • Light the red and pink candles then lay the red cloth in front of you.
  • Get a moonstone crystal and pass it over the flames of both candles then lay it on the cloth. Do the same for rose quartz.
  • Take the two apple seeds and recite this line: “By the light of the full moon, I now plant the seeds of our love.”
  • Place the seeds on the cloth next to the crystals.
  • Sprinkle the seeds and stones with basil and cinnamon.
  • With the seeds, stones, and herbs inside, pull the corners of the red cloth and wrap the pink cord three times and tie it with three knots. Don’t forget to say “So mote it be.”
  • Bring the charm bag with you to attract love into your life.

Keep an open mind and give it a try. Who knows, this just might work for you.

8. Get to Know the Basics on How to Attract Love Spiritually

Just like the law of attraction, there is a spiritual force that exists and connects everything. If you try to mentally picture something you want and put your desire and faith into it. You are able to communicate this to the spiritual force to help you achieve it. You may not notice it, but the universal force goes into action to help you realize and create the result that you want in your life.

The same concept applies to attracting love. You have to attract love – and it’s not just about being positive about finding love. You need to show the universe that you want it, you desire for it, and that you are willing to work hard to achieve it.

making a detailed listWhat should you do? Try these techniques on how to attract love spiritually:

  • Make a clear goal and description of the person you want to attract. This includes making a detailed list of the requirements, qualities, and your expectations.
  • Start aligning your mind, emotions, and thoughts with what you want to create and achieve.
  • Learn to remove personal obstacles such as negative expectations, doubts, hopelessness, and low self esteem.
  • More importantly, build your faith as you go through this process.

There are instances when the universe will not conspire with you. That’s fine, but don’t give up easily.

9. Understanding Feng Shui and the How to Attract Love Connection

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “feng shui?” Oftentimes, you would associate it with certain practices that attract positive energy and luck. Did you know that you can apply feng shui practices on how to attract love?

Whether you are looking for new love or you simply want to add more spice to your current love life, here are tips on how to attract love using feng shui:

  • Clear your bedroom that distracts you from focusing on love such as clutter, dirty clothes, and even your pets.
  • Replace any furniture that comes with unpleasant associations with previous relationships to avoid attracting negative vibes.
  • If you are single, make some space to signify that you are ready to share it with someone.
  • Sleep on pink sheets to increase the yang energy and enhance the feeling of romance and love.
  • Paint your walls in skin tone like beige, ivory, or chocolate.
  • Remove any work-related things inside the bedroom to allow you to focus on your partner.

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10. In with the Positive, Out with the Negative When Attracting Love

focus on the positive onesAll of the techniques you learned about casting a love spell, feng shui, and even rose quartz crystal could help you find – and seal – the man of your dream. Still, this doesn’t mean you should rely on them alone.

The truth is you need to do something to make sure you will seal the deal. Aside from building your confidence, it is also important to let go of all the negative thoughts and feeling and focus on the positive ones.

For instance, instead of saying, “No one likes me,” try changing it with “I am worthy of love and be loved.” The more you constantly remind yourself of positive thoughts, the more you will make others notice and appreciate you. At the same time, positivity invites love to come in, and the more positive you are, the more love will come in.

Be positive. It will help you change your mind over things.

11. Heartaches and Getting Hurt: Two Things to Learn to Accept to Attract Love

Here’s the truth about love: it will give you the most amazing and happiest feelings in the world. On the other hand, it will give you the greatest pain you will experience in your life.

getting hurt and heartachesEmbrace it.

Love allows you to open and bare yourself to another person. In doing so, there is a chance that you might get hurt. After all, love is more than just a bed of roses and getting mushy. If you are afraid of getting hurt, you put your guard up and prevent someone from getting close to you without you noticing it.

If you want to attract someone, take risks and open yourself to love. Learn to accept that getting hurt and heartaches are and will always be part of the process. You will be able to manifest love and attract love at the same time.

This doesn’t end here. Keep reading to find out how else you can attract the man of your dreams.

12. Honesty is Still the Best Policy, Especially in Love

Honesty is an important quality every woman should possess. If you want to attract the man of your dreams, you should be able to practice honesty, as well.

Think about this: you want a man that is honest with you. You want him to tell the truth and not lie for the sake of avoiding an argument. This helps build trust, which is a crucial foundation in every relationship.

Men won’t admit it, but they also get hurt when they found out they were cheated on. Therefore, be sincere with your intentions and be honest. Avoid hiding skeletons in your closet or else, he’ll find out from other people – and that’s worse. He would appreciate your honesty and love you even more.

13. Be the Independent Woman Who Can Function Without a Man

Admit it. You like it when a man picks you up from work, drives for you when you need to be somewhere, protects you while walking on the street, and makes you feel cared for and loved. Still, this doesn’t mean you should rely on your man alone and feel crippled without him around.

enjoy doing things you loveAside from confidence, a woman is sexier when she exudes independence. This means even if you enjoy your partner’s company, you still like to do things alone and you can still be on your own. You value your own space, you enjoy doing things you love, and you make time not just for your friends but for yourself, as well.

Does this mean you should crave alone time all the time? Of course not. Being independent is being capable to be on your own, yet you still appreciate and value your man – and that’s sexy.

14. Don’t Just Wait for the Law of Attraction to Work

The law of attraction works, but this doesn’t mean you should just sit around and wait for it to knock at your door. Now that you established your thoughts and feelings when it comes to the man of your dreams and generated the feelings of having a relationship, it’s now time to put them into action.

Preparation is key when it comes to how to attract love. Clean your house, pamper yourself with a hair treatment and a foot spa, buy a new outfit for Friday night’s party, and make it a point to get out and meet new people. If you prepare yourself for the right man to be in your life, then he will come. Just wait for it.

15. The Most Important Tip to Remember in Attracting the Man of Your Dreams

Like attracts like, and the universe will conspire with you to achieve it. Still, this doesn’t mean you should leave it all in your mind and allow destiny, fate, and the universe to bring you closer to your man.

the right manKeep in mind that the law of attraction is always in action. This means in everything you do, the law of attraction will always come into play even if you are not aware of it.

Therefore, be intentional and remember all the tips mentioned above to be able to attract the right man for you. Make sure that you are ready at all times because you will never know if he is around. You better be ready than lose your chance

Attracting Love: The Bottom Line

There is not exact formula on how to attract love from the man of your dreams. Nonetheless, these 15 techniques will help you align your thoughts, feelings, emotions when it comes to love and relationship.

Take your pick among these tips and make sure to do them, no matter how odd they seem. You’ll never know when he will come, so you better be prepared. Mr. Right is just around the corner.

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