10 Medical Benefits of Using Female Sex Pills

10 Medical Benefits of Using Female Sex Pills
lack of sexual desireWomen who suffer from low libido are often stereotyped as “cold fish” or “frigid.” None of these nicknames are flattering. Given how vexing this can be, women are looking to pop female sex pills that will solve their problems.

A serious lack of sexual desire is a grave issue since it puts relationships at risk. Women’s forums, message boards and chat groups often talk about ways to deal with it. Given the fact that one third of the adult females in the U.S. suffers from low libido, decreased sexual drive is real. In serious cases, doctors diagnose this problem as female hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD.

Female sexual arousal is a real issue that could have an impact on a woman’s quality of life. But, the issue on lower libido for women does not get as much attention as men’s sexual issues.

At present, there are five medications available for male sexual dysfunction including Pfizer’s potent drug Viagra. But only one has been approved by the FDA.

Libido Downers: Why A Woman’s Sex Drive Dips Low

stressThere are many reasons why women suffer from decreased sex drives. This happens if you are not happy with your partner. This may also happen when your body is not well or your emotions are not in check.

There are many things that could dampen a woman’s libido. Among the most popular libido downers include:

  • Chronic stress that stems out from relationship problems
  • Problems with your body’s hormone levels such as thyroid issues, childbirth or menopause
  • Being depressed and/or having other mental health problems
  • Medication that could affect the libido like tablets for high blood pressure, birth control, antidepressants and antianxiety drugs

Diagnosing Low Libido: Medical Indications of Reduced Sexual Desire

Feeling reduced zeal for sex is normal due to many hormonal issues. Since it is normal to feel low libido symptoms, there is a criterion for diagnosing sexual interest arousal disorder. A disorder is diagnosed when three out of six items in the criteria is met.

  • Lack of interestReduced sexual desire.
  • Lack of interest or infrequent sexual fantasies and thoughts.
  • Less or lack of sexual initiative and response to the partner’s advances.
  • Reduced interest in sex elicited by visual, written or verbal sexual cues.
  • Marked decrease in pleasure in about 75 percent of sexual encounters.
  • Infrequent or reduced intensity of non-genital or genital sensations in about 75 percent of sexual encounters.

If these symptoms persist for six months, the diagnosis would be consistent with sexual arousal disorder.

Common Female Libido Medications and Supplements

Testosterone Pills: The Fountain of Youth for Women

Testosterone is a male hormone, but what most people don’t know is that this is also produced by the female adrenal glands and ovaries in smaller amounts. Only about 10 percent of the amount of this male hormone is produced in women compared to men.

TestosteroneTestosterone is at its peak in women who are about 20 years old. As women get older, there is a marked decrease in this hormone’s production.

A lot of research has been made on how testosterone affects males. The link between the amount of testosterone produced and the male sex drive has long been established. At large, the effect of this hormone in women has been ignored -up until recent times.

Despite the fact that doctors know women produce testosterone, many believe that this hormone is not vital in women, but more recent studies show this hormone can do so much for women when they take it as female sex drive pills.

Doctors realized that the male hormone is partly liable for women’s marked decrease in libido. In older women, controlled studies showed that a small increase in this hormone can boost sexual drive. But it can do more than just rev up your sex drive.

Heart Health and T Pills

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism placed testosterone in a better light.

This study looked into the theory that women whose ovaries has been removed are more likely to suffer from heart disease if they have low testosterone levels. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women past the menopausal age.

In women who went through the procedure to remove their ovaries, heart disease was three times more likely to develop than in those who had their ovaries intact.

This is ascribed to the fact that these women had been given estrogen supplements; however, they did not receive supplements for testosterone, which was longer be produced by their bodies.

In recent years, increased testosterone levels have been linked to weight gain. A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism showed when given in low doses, testosterone helps burn fat and build muscle.

Fat Loss and Testosterone Supplementation in Women

In a study on obese women, one group was given a placebo while the other received the synthetic testosterone analogue nandrolone. The group that took the hormone lost more fat.

This nine-month study showed that the group who took the hormone pills lost a greater amount of body fat. They also gained more muscle mass compared to the control group that took the placebo.

Flibanserin: The First FDA Approved Female Viagra

At present, Addyi, the Flibanserin drug by Sprout Pharmaceuticals is the only FDA approved female pill. The drug has gone through many struggles before it was finally approved.

increase in the sex driveThere has been much dispute in using this drug given its two previous rejections. There is much debate in treating sexual disorders as a medical condition. There are doctors who argue that lower sex drive is not a medical condition.

Addyi is a pill that would be taken daily to improve sex drive. At first, this drug was developed as an antidepressant drug as it acts on the brain to address libido issues. Prescriptions for this drug would be highly regulated. You won’t be able to get one unless you have an online certification test.

The effect of this drug was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2013. The study showed a marked increase in the sex drive of women who took the drug compared to the control group. In the clinical trial, those who took Addyi reported an average of 2.5 satisfying sexual events compared to the 1.5 events reported by those who took the placebo.

Based on these trials, the full effects of this drug may be realized after a period of eight weeks. The company claims that the effect of this drug is only “modest.”

The Benefits of Female Pills: Finding the Right One for You

1. Reviving Your Libido: Bringing the Sizzle Back

consultWhen you are going through issues with your libido, the first response should be to consult with your doctor. Talk about the struggles that you are going through with your sex life.

Your doctor may check your overall health and look into any drugs that you are taking. If your doctor is uncomfortable or dismissive with your libido complaints, consult a gynecologist or a sex therapist. It would also be ideal to go through relationship counseling.

In cases where there is a need for medication, there are natural sex pills that women can take. Each type of pill has unique features that could benefit women of all ages.

2. Hormone Therapy: Keeping Your Body Ready for Action

Hormone therapy involves the use of two female hormones – estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are produced by the ovaries and they play a vital role in your reproductive health.

estrogenWomen can take these hormones with each other. In some cases, they only need to take estrogen. This hormone may not affect women’s sexual drive directly, but it is often given to those with HSDD.

Estrogen is widely prescribed to older women. As females age, the amount of hormones produced by their bodies is no longer enough. This means they may not reach the body’s ideal hormone levels and this leads to various health issues.

While there is a difference in views on when and if women should take hormones, it is still a viable option. Taking hormones pose many benefits besides getting your sexual urges back to top speed.

3. Painless Penetration: Say Goodbye to Uncomfortable Intercourse

painfulEven though estrogen does not have a direct effect on a lady’s libido, a study on this hormone’s functions showed that it can be used to address dryness down there. Given such issues, having sex may be painful. This could result in reduced sexual urges.

As women become older, intercourse may be painful when the vagina is not well lubricated. By taking this hormone, you can solve problems on lubrication and elasticity.

Pain linked to penetration is not the only issue. You may have urinary problems and you are more exposed to infections. Taking this hormone in the form of female sex drugs can address that problem. In cases such as this, estrogen is one of the most effective treatments.

4. Lower Risks of Osteoporosis: Keeps Bones Healthy and Strong

Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bones. This is common in older people but you can prevent it by taking estrogen.

Osteoporosis often takes place after menopause. At this stage, bone breakdown happens at a faster rate compared to bone building. Even before menopause kicks in, this may happen to younger women and lead to the loss of bone mass.

In fact, this hormone has been approved by the FDA as a drug for bone loss. Lower levels of estrogen have been linked to greater chances of bone loss and bone thinning. The study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation in 2000 showed that decreased estrogen levels led to osteoporosis not only in women but also in men.

By taking in this hormone, you can protect yourself from bone loss. Since higher estrogen levels reduce the rate of bone breakdown, your bony could keep up with it by building new bones.

5. Reduce Hot Flashes: Coping with Menopause and Its Symptoms

menopause symptomsAside from the two benefits outlined above, taking hormones can help address menopause symptoms. Among the greatest struggles women go through are hot flashes and night sweating. These are just two of the many things that women feel during menopause.

Each attack’s intensity differs from one woman to another. Needless to say, some of these symptoms may require medication.

Among these symptoms, hot flashes are more dreadful to most women. They can disturb a woman’s daily routine and have a huge impact on the overall health of the concerned person. These symptoms occur more often when women have low estrogen levels.

Among various applications of estrogen, its ability to address menopausal symptoms is deemed to be one of the safest. Needless to say, women should consult their doctor to know what their treatment options are.

6. Mood Booster: Bring Back the Happy Vibes

Hormones play a vital role in how we feel. Estrogen has a direct effect on your mood and your brain chemistry.

depressedThis hormone is the body’s natural antidepressant. This means that you feel down and depressed when you have low estrogen levels. Women with low estrogen could do well with hormone supplements.

With increased estrogen levels, you would feel more alert. This also serves as an instant mood booster although care should be taken in taking estrogen.

In higher doses, this hormone may cause a person to feel anxious and antsy. This may, in turn, lead to having panic attacks.

7. Improved Overall Disposition: Sustaining Energy Levels for Sex and More

Among the greatest leaps in the use of testosterone for women’s health was in the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2000.

This study looked into the role of testosterone to maintain sexual functions and overall health. The research tested 75 women between ages 31 to 56 whose ovaries were removed. Due to the absence of their ovaries, these women had decreased testosterone levels.

improvements in their moodsDuring the 12-week study period, these women received a placebo, or a patch containing 150 or 300 micrograms (mcg) of testosterone. The study concluded that the women who used the 300-mcg testosterone patches showed marked improvements in their moods, sexual functions and general health.

Despite disputes about treatment of women with intact ovaries, Dr. Susan Davis of the Australian nonprofit organization, the Jean Hailes Foundation continued to study testosterone’s effect on pre-menstrual and postmenstrual women. In one of her articles, she stressed that testosterone is vital in maintaining a woman’s sense of well-being and energy levels.

If testosterone levels are low, women may suffer from fatigue, lack of motivation and lower libido. Dr. Davis added that based on her clinical experience in premenopausal women, testosterone benefits women with sexual dysfunction.

8. Sexual Cravings: Female Sex Pills to Restore Your Appetite for Sexual Encounters

SerotoninLiving up to its name as the female Viagra, this drug works since it makes your body crave for more sex. This drug targets your brain and leads to the decrease of serotonin levels in your body.

Serotonin is responsible for many feelings, such as satisfaction. This means that when you take this drug, you are more inclined to engage in sexual deeds, since you don’t feel satisfied. To women who suffer from lower libido, this would trigger a need.

This desire leads to a higher libido and greater interest in having a sexual encounter.

9. Improved Dopamine Levels: Get Motivated to Do More in and Out of Bed

The pill’s ability to improve sex drive is linked to increased dopamine levels in the body. Dopamine is a brain chemical that transmits information between neurons.

Sexual arousalDopamine plays a vital role in improving your sex drive. At the same time, it also helps you concentrate and focus on the task ahead. This chemical has also been linked to reaching your goals. This chemical pushes you to do something.

Given its role in the brain’s motivation and reward system, this neurotransmitter pushes you to do things that make you feel good. At the same time, it makes you avoid things that don’t feel good.

Dopamine is highly involved in food and in sex. Sexual arousal, moods and dreams are all affected by dopamine. When dopamine levels are low, people often feel down and they lack the energy to live through the day without stimulants like caffeine.

10. Boosting Sexual Appetites: Can Women Sex Pills Be Your Genie in a Bottle?

It cannot be denied that there has been more focus on male sexual drives than the female’s sexual drive. One reason is the fact that the female sex drive is complex. The factors that affect how females feel about sex are complicated compared to males.

pillsLower libido in a woman can be the symptom of many things. It may be due to stress and fatigue. In other cases it could stem out from unsolved conflicts in the relationship. Other times, it may be a medical condition or medication that hinders a woman from wanting sex. Given the endless possibilities, it is not shocking why even experts are sometimes at a loss.

These female sex pills could help you through a rough patch and save your relationship. Among the easiest options is to make a pill to make female dry spells go away. There is much to be done to help women with libido problems, although research on their options, like female sex pills is already in progress.

For now, we have pills that many women can use to address their sexual issues. Based on sexual health tests and clinical trials, these drugs can end your lackluster interest in sex. It is important to note that these fast acting sex pills are not magical and the effects may vary.

Although these female sex pills may increase your libido, they can’t solve all your problems. Even if female sex enhancement pills go a long way, they could never cover up the issues between you and your partner. You still need to confront your relationship and personal matters. A pill can only do so much, after all.

The good news is, there is lots of help available to you. Start by talking to your doctor or gynecologist. They can recommend the right path for you to take.

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