18 Fun Female Libido Enhancer Tricks You Can Do at Home

18 Fun Female Libido Enhancer Tricks You Can Do at Home

The female libido is certain to meet bumps along the intimacy road. These may be in the form of age, illness or life-changing conditions like pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. Of course, how women feel about their relationships greatly affects their sexual drive, too.

There’s also hypoactive sexual desire disorder, a medical condition describing women’s constant lack of interest in sex. Some women feel the need to see a doctor when their low sex drive is already distressing and oftentimes, the solutions are as easy as changing medications.

healthy sex lifeWhatever reason you have for typing the phrase, “female libido enhancer,” in the search bar, this concern shouldn’t go unanswered. A healthy sex life, after all, does not only make you feel good; it provides many benefits including, improved immunity, pain relief and lower blood pressure.

For women who are not yet convinced they need the new female Viagra or hormone replacement therapy to improve sexual desire, there are many simple and exciting ways to overcome a lackluster performance in the bedroom.

The good news is, you can do most of these in the privacy of your own home.

Bon Appétit: Food as Female Libido Enhancer

They say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Apparently, women’s sex drive can be fueled by what they eat, too. When looking for natural female libido enhancer, don’t overlook what’s on the table; it’s one of the first and most important stops.

Many health issues, including those that involve sex, can be remedied by healthy, balanced diet. So, when your sex life takes a nosedive, check your binges and replace junk with food that helps you under the sheets. Here are some tips when using food to boost your sexual desire:

1. Choose Greens

For sure you’ve heard about the effect of oysters in one’s sexual performance, but you don’t get to eat them often, do you? You need more options beyond what’s in the sea, and luckily, your favorite grocery store is already well-stocked with powerful aphrodisiacs.

Start stuffing your cart with fresh picks that are not only beneficial to your health in general, but also work as female libido enhancers.

  • Vegetables: Examples of libido enhancing vegetables are beets, spinach, lettuce, onions, broccoli, artichokes, celery, sweet potatoes and asparagus.
  • FruitsFruits: For fruits, you can’t go wrong with dates, figs, watermelon, peaches, avocado, bananas, strawberries and cherries.
  • Nuts: Nuts like almonds, pecans, pistachios, cashews and hazelnuts are proven libido boosters, too.

Eat on its own, steam, chill, make a salad or smoothie – there are tons of ways to eat fresh foods more often. Rich in vitamins and minerals that boost libido, these fresh picks deserve to be part of your daily diet. Supplement these with herbs like those used in Ashwagandha and roots like maca and ginger, and you’ll notice improvements, not only in your lust meter, but in your overall wellness, too. After all, who can enjoy being intimate when they don’t feel healthy?

If you can live with little or no red meat, the Mediterranean diet is worth checking out, too.

2. Grab a Steak

Women who are not too keen on eating greens can find relief in liver and red meat. Sometimes, having an iron deficiency is the culprit in low sex drive, so if you often feel tired and irritable to even think about having sex, perhaps all you need is a serving of a sumptuous steak or a burger. Not bad, right?

You should follow up your red meat consumption with fatty fish, yogurt, vitamin C or any other food or supplement that ensures the efficient absorption of iron. Also, opt for organic beef and choose lean cuts to avoid fat that can lead to surge in your cholesterol level and risk of heart attack.

Meat, like oysters, is high in zinc, a mineral that is essential in testosterone production. Testosterone is one of three hormones responsible for sexual desire and arousal, along with estrogens and DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone.

You may find conflicting views on red meat’s effect on sexual desires. Some studies even claim it zaps sex drive, perhaps due to too much protein that leads to a decrease in libido. Red meat can kick your sex life up a notch, but as in everything, don’t consume too much.

3. Go Fish

Fatty fishFatty fish works like female Viagra when consumption is higher than normal. The secret lies in the famous omega-3 components. If you eat more sardines, tuna, cod, mackerel and wild salmon, your libido increases and your orgasms stronger and more satisfying.

Unfortunately, though omega-3 has many health benefits, only women will gain from it in terms of sex. Men are likely to have premature ejaculation if they consume too much of this. So, while you indulge, limit your man’s intake if you are planning for a sizzling night.

Fatty fish is widely available. It doesn’t need to be fresh as the canned variety also contains Omega-3. You can also find it in fish oil supplements but make sure to buy the best quality you can afford. Fish oil supplements that are inferior in quality may contain contaminants that can upset our digestive system.

4. Add a Little Spice

Don’t just focus on the main ingredients. Add warming herbs and spices to your meals, like:

  • Chili Pepper
  • Nutmeg
  • Cardamom
  • Garlic
  • Cayenne
  • Basil
  • Fennel
  • Saffron
  • Fenugreek
  • Ginger

A sprinkle or sprig is guaranteed to heat things up in the bedroom.

herbs and spicesMost of these herbs and spices aren’t hard to find, so stock up. You can also grow most of these in your garden. Add saffron in congee, fenugreek in curry, nutmeg in coffee and garlic and chili pepper in almost anything. Google which dishes or drinks will be more flavorful when these ingredients are added or experiment in the kitchen using these.

Not surprisingly, the early Greeks, Indians and Egyptians were pioneers in using these to increase blood flow and consequently, boost libido. With better circulation, blood flows easier in the genitals, so the body feels more relaxed and excited to make love.

5. Drink Up

Some drinks can revive women’s interest in sex and one of the most popular, but debatable in this list is coffee. Yes, the caffeine in our favorite morning drink is dubbed as a sex drive killer, but it reportedly puts a woman in the mood for love if daily consumption does not exceed a cup.

  • Alternatives to Coffee: If you are avoiding coffee for any reason, opt for dark chocolate hot cocoa or tea. Dark chocolate is as famous as oysters in improving sex life. When longing for a tasty, piping hot sex life, the answer may be equally hot and delicious.
  • Add Variety to Your Cup: Tea, particularly ginseng tea, green tea and chai tea, works just as great and known to provide other incredible benefits. As mentioned, adding nutmeg or cinnamon doesn’t just make drinks more flavorful, it also adds spice to your sex life.

If you welcome a little fat, don’t say no to whipped cream. You guessed it right, whipped cream and sexual desires are more connected than you thought.

Lastly, this list isn’t credible without mentioning red wine. No wonder this pops during Valentine’s Day and in other romantic occasions. But don’t drink too much alcohol or you will get the opposite effect. Keep in mind that a glass of red wine each day is enough for great sex.

breakfastThe trick here is to make smart food choices and eat and drink in moderation. Even breakfast staples like eggs, oatmeal and peanut butter can give your sex life a boost. The next time you’ll shop for food, think of these tasty libido boosters.

Now, time to get the scented candles ready, put on great music and prep the table with cuisine that brings your sex drive back to life.

Get Physical: Activities for Your Body and Mind

Physical fitness is important when making those sexy moves, and with tons of affordable exercise equipment available, you don’t have to hit the gym to stay physically fit. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be limited to running and lifting weights. Here are some ideas:

6. Exercise for Better Blood Flow

When you feel your interest in the bedroom is waning, put on your running shoes. Exercising can make a lot of difference in your sex life. For one, it improves circulation. The increase in blood flow reaches the genital area which makes people more aroused and the sex, more pleasurable.

Exercising is also known to increase endorphins, a compound that boosts energy and lifts mood. As stress is a known sex drive zapper, when you exercise regularly, you’ll feel happier and less prone to stress.

As a bonus, with regular exercise, you are likely to achieve a toned body that will make you feel sexier and more desirable. This kind of confidence always wins in bed. Who needs female libido supplements when you have that?

Find a workout you love and see improvement in your sexual desire.

7. Do Yoga and Meditation: There’s an App for That

Yoga and MeditationSome women swear by yoga and meditation’s effectiveness in improving female sex drive, so if you make more deep breathing and poses than sit-ups and walks, it’s alright. These activities make sex fabulous by being beneficial to physical and mental health.

Yoga makes you more familiar with your body and your sexuality, and like exercise, it also increases blood flow in your genital area. Interestingly, there are specific yoga poses that comes with a promise of better sex. Do them alone or with your man.

With meditation, you’ll be more capable of battling your negative emotions. It makes you less distracted, too, and well rested. Stress, anxiety and even perfectionism are all destructive to a woman’s desire to make love. With mindfulness, you get to beat all that.

You can learn to do yoga and meditation with help of yoga DVDs and meditation apps. Of course, it would be better to enroll in professional classes before doing it on your own at home. Don’t grab those libido supplements yet if you haven’t tried these two.

8. When Was the Last Time You Had a Massage?

It probably has been a long time since your last one, but massage is also a good way to get your sexual mojo back. It soothes away aches and stress that often leads to lousy sex life. Many experienced massage therapists know how to help female clients with low libido so if you feel comfortable telling your condition, give your therapist a chance to help you further.

Book a massage service at home or here’s a better idea: ask your partner to give you a nice, comforting massage and don’t forget to return the favor.

Set The Stage: Making Sure Love is All Around

in a hotelNever underestimate the power of mise-en-scène in boosting female sex drive. This is why some couples prefer a change of venue or scenery to get their juices flowing. But there is no need to stay in a hotel or plan for renovation; your bedroom, or wherever it is you want to make love, should at least be tidy and enticing. Here are some more simple and affordable tips:

9. Cut the Clutter and Find Your Bed Again

Clutter may be a lesser-known sex drive killer but it is nonetheless. Most women get distracted by dirt and mess and if these are noticeable in the bedroom, it would be hard for them to focus on love and desire. Good news is that this problem can be fixed easily with a little sprucing.

Get rid of other distracting things in the bedroom, too, like television, gadgets and even what looks like a harmless stack of unpaid bills. Avoid putting things that remind you of work-related stuff and other things that speak of your responsibilities outside those in the bedroom.

10. Smell Sexy and Inviting

To make a neat bedroom more inviting, use scents. Air fresheners may be everywhere but scented candles, fresh flowers and essential oils are more romantic choices. Note that good quality essential oils are also therapeutic so you will feel more relaxed and ready.

Pick ones that are known libido boosters like rose, ylang, jasmine, vetiver, neroli and cinnamon. Scents are a natural female libido enhancer, so maximize it by shopping for a sexy perfume for you and your partner. Find out which scents draw you to him. Likewise, use one that makes you feel sexy.

11. Decorate with Red for More Sex

Who knew that color can rouse an idling desire? Turns out, red and sexual attraction shares connection that you can take advantage of. This fiery hue is believed to whet the appetite including women’s appetite for sex. If it sounds crazy, notice how many restaurants use this color.

wear red shirtRed is a color of power and women are naturally drawn to men who possess it. A University of Rochester study revealed that red makes men appear more powerful and sexually desirable. Well, if red indeed belongs in the list of libido enhancers, it won’t hurt to decorate your room with shades of red or make your partner wear red shirt.

12. A Little Privacy Never Hurts

Your home is definitely livelier with kids around but when it comes to sex, they hardly make it lovelier. You love your children, alright, but their presence can kill the mood especially if you practice co-sleeping.

Take some time off from being a mom. Hire a nanny or take them to grandma’s so you can have the house to yourselves and worry only about giving each other pleasure. Don’t feel guilty. Keep in mind that healthy sex life often makes a happier mom.

Adrenaline Rush: Surprising Libido Boosters

Sex doesn’t seem to run out of mystery. In this case, adrenaline apparently can drive the blues away. Experts explain that in an exciting, heart-pumping situation, people are more likely to get attracted to their partner and become sexually aroused.

This is probably why it’s recommended for couples to try adventurous sports and not just romantic getaways. But don’t use up all energy, so you can continue the thrill in the bed. At home, triggering your nervous system is possible with these adrenaline-inducing techniques.

13. Choose Scary Not Romantic

movie nightForget The Notebook and suggest The Walking Dead or a Hitchcock film instead in your next movie night with your partner. Many think that only sexy, adult movies can spice up sexual desire but suspense is just as good. A good scare will also make you cling to your partner even more.

14. Get Your Game On

For female gaming enthusiasts, get an adrenaline rush with an action-packed or scary game. Aside from the excitement in playing, winning gives you the satisfaction and confidence that you can translate in bed; however, try not to get hooked or you may devote your time playing instead of having sex.

15. Dress the Part

Some women find their groove when they dress the part. It could be a sexy negligee or a French maid costume. Try whatever works for you. Explore your fantasies. If you want to feel naughty or seductive, go ahead. You can also search for new sex positions to spice things up especially when you’ve been in the relationship for so long.

Up Close and Personal: Your Partner’s Role in Waking Up Your Sexual Desire

Your partner is likely responsible for your low sex drive, so why not enlist his help in this department? Remember that this is affecting him, too, so chances are he will do everything in his power to help you out. Below are some ideas.

16. Let His Sweat Turn You On

Sweat is a women libido booster that hardly gets recognized, but not just any sweat, it has to be your partner’s sweat after exercising. According to a study published in The Journal of Neuroscience, male sweat has a compound that boosts women’s sexual desires.

Sweat’s complicated composition may need further study, but you can easily put it to test by taking a whiff of your partner’s shirt or towel post workout. Stay close after his workout or exercise, then shower together.

17. Touching and Squeezing

kissTouching is a great female libido enhancer, so kiss often, hold hands and hug whenever. These little acts of affection are so important in making women feel desired and consequently in getting her sex drive back.

18. Lastly, Let It Out

Holding on to anger isn’t good for your health and your sex life. Even simple things that annoy you about your partner, like not helping around the house, may be piling up without you realizing it. These can destroy woman’s sexual desire and in the long run, ruin a relationship.

Take time to analyze your feelings and deal with them before they become toxic. Talk to your partner about your anger or disappointment and if it leads to an argument, dissipate the negativity with wild, angry sex. Anger-induced sex, if not done too often, can be fun and exciting. You still need to talk and resolve any differences later.

Many women juggle multiple roles and deal with various issues that can easily leave them lethargic in bed. When your sex drive is flagging, try these female libido enhancer tricks first.

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