10 Unbelievable Libido Boosters Most Real Women Don’t Know About

Marilyn Monroe once said that, “Sex is part of nature. I go along with nature.”The sex symbol may be popular for playing sexy characters, but she surely got sex right. Indeed, sex is and will always be part of human nature,as long as there are human and animals alive.

However, there are instances when nature won’t cooperate. It could be due to the following stressors:

  • Jobstressors
  • Family and Children
  • Endless Chores at Home
  • Relationship Issues
  • Financial Problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

When this happens, a stress hormone called cortisol increases and messes your entire system. This follows low libido and issues between the sheets.

It may be easy to turn to chocolate or oysters to get your engine up and running; however, new studies show that getting your groove back inside the bedroom takes more than just oysters.

Libido Boosters: Astonishing Aphrodisiacs According to Science

There are various techniques to boost your sex drive. Some may be natural, while there are others that require popping pills and medical intervention. These common libido-boosting tricks include but are not limited to:

massageAccording to Irwin Goldstein, the director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, the usual turn-ons, such as couples massage and watching sultry movies could make your libido less likely to respond, if you rely on them most of the time. This means you need to look for ways to help your libido be ready whenever the situation calls for it.

Don’t worry. Science is constantly discovering new tools and things you could use to get your sex life back. Some may be bizarre, out of this world, and weird, but these will surely boost your libido.

Take your pick. Here are 10 surprising ways that could improve your sex life.

1. Work Hard, Have Sex Harder: The Effect of Getting a Raise in Your Sex Life

Having sex comes with perks and health benefits. Did you know that how much you are earning could affect your sex life? New research published at the International Journal of Manpower stated that those who had sex at least four times a week make more money compared to those who are getting less action at night.

In the study, German researchers from the Institute on the Study in Labor analyzed more than 6,000 Greek men and women, looking at the number of times they had sex and how much they were earning. Researchers found out that those who had more sex earned approximately five percent more than people who don’t get any action at night. This is because:

  • More sex boosts overall health and mood, thereby having a positive effect on your work performance.
  • A well-paying job eliminates stress in money, which is a major issue in most relationships. Less stress in money equates to more and better sex.

Still, this doesn’t mean you need to tire yourself just to get a bigger paycheck. It’s all about striking a work-life balance.

2. Go Beyond the Distance: Scaring Yourself Could Boost Your Libido

Do you often watch horror movies? What about tryingzip lining extreme activities, such as mountain climbing, skiing or zip lining? If you are always going for adrenaline-pumping activities, then it’s not surprising if your sex life is at its best state.

According to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, adrenaline-pumping situations make the opposite sex more alluring. This is because doing something exciting activates the nervous system and gets your heart pumping blood faster, which is the same as during heightened sexual arousal.

Instead of the usual dinner-movie dates or romantic walks on the beach, you can try the following heart-pumping activities:

  • Watching a Horror Story
  • Surfing
  • Zip-Lining
  • Visiting a Haunted House Attraction
  • Sky Walking
  • Riding a Roller Coaster
  • Sky Diving

Whatever your chosen activity is, just make sure you don’t use up all your energy. You will need it for late-night action with your man.

3. Red Wine: A Surefire Libido Booster

Fact: red is sexy. Studies show that men find women who wear red as sexier and more attractive. This is also the reason why most Hollywood movies incorporate red during sexy nights. In case you are looking for something red, then red wine could be your best friend.

red wineA study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that women who drink red wine have higher libidos than those who prefer other alcoholic beverages, such as champagne or beer. This is because red wine has high levels of polyphenols, an antioxidant, which widens the blood vessels and helps increase blood flow down south. The color red could also add up to its libido-boosting factors.

However, this doesn’t mean you should skip the champagne and finish the entire bottle of Pinot Noir. Stick to one or two glasses to get you in the mood,since too much could mess with your libido. And don’t forget the red dress. It is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to seduce your partner.

4. Tough Men Wear Red: Seeing Your Man in Red to Boost Sex Drive

Red is sexy, there is no doubt about it. Wearing red also makes you more attractive in the eyes of your man. Since then, red has become a signal of power and status, which could also turn women on, including you.

Based on a study conducted at University of Rochester, seeing your man wearing red, whether it is a plain shirt, polo shirt or long sleeves, could get you in the mood for some action. This is because the idea of power and status is among the sexual cues, which effectively kick-start your libido.

Encourage your man to wear red during date nights. Combined with red wine, you will surely get him out of his shirt even before you reach the dessert. After all, there is a study saying that men fine women sexier when they are wearing red.

5. Watch a Boring Show to Jumpstart Your Sex Drive

Admit it. There are shows or movies on TV that make you want to shut it off, and just do other things. Did you know that watching a boring show could kick start your libido?

Based on a recent study, people who have atelevision television in the bedroom are twice more likely to have sex, as opposed to those who watch television somewhere else. Porn movies could be the culprit, with 37 percent of participants in the said study admitting to indulging in this guilty pleasure.

However, 29 percent said that watching a boring TV show often leads to sex for some real entertainment. In case you want to give your libido a boost, you know what to do on a Friday night. Get those dull DVDs out, and have a movie marathon with your man.

6. Let’s Get Physical: Understanding the Sweat – Sex Life Connection

Sweating may be one of the grossest things that could happen to humans; however, don’t close your doors just yet. According to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, a man’s sweat could trigger your sexual senses. Researchers from University of Texas and Indiana University found out that working out before sex increases desire among women, compared to those who are taking antidepressants.

You may ask why. Unlike men, women need the presencedance of sexual cues, such as erotic images or foreplay to get them in the mood. The effect of sweat heightens your sense of physical arousal, which leads to a better libido.

Try these sweat machine activities:

  • Go for a jog, run, dance, or do other cardiovascular exercises.
  • Do the chores at home to dance music.
  • Enroll in classes that encourage sweating, such as aerobics, dancing or Zumba.
  • Play with kids and have fun.
  • Work out with your man.

It may seem simple, but the sight and scent of sweat will surely get you in the mood.

7. Yoga: Helping You Get in Touch With Your Sexuality

You may associate yoga as one of the most popular meditation techniques to calm and center a person. It encourages flexibility, stability, and even inner peace. There are even some people who do yoga for weight loss purposes. However, yoga is more than just reconnecting with yourself and losing extra weight.

According to a review published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, yoga not only makes you limber but also helps boost your libido. This technique makes you more familiar with your body, which eventually makes you more in touch with your sexuality. At the same time, yoga increases blood flow in important areas, including down south, thereby improving orgasms.

What are you waiting for? Check out the recreational facilities near you and ask if they offer yoga classes. You can also go online to check if there are yoga facilities or centers near your house or work, and enroll in classes. Asking for recommendation from family and friends who are into yoga is also a good start to encourage you to get into this healthy exercise technique.

8. Equal Division of Household Chores: Another Surprising Way to Increase Libido in Women

lie down on our bedsAfter a long day at work, all most of us want to do is to lie down on our beds and get a good night’s sleep. However, reality proves otherwise. If you are a parent, you need to attend to your kids and finish those household chores. As a result, your libido takes a backseat since you have no more energy left to do other things but sleep.

In that case, consider dividing household chores between you and your partner. Assign the chores to each other equally. If you have older kids, get them involved. Dividing house chores equally makes them less burdensome. This will also make you feel that you don’t have to shoulder the burden of taking care of everything in your household.

To help you divide the household chores equally, here’s what you can do:

  • List all the chores you need to do daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Divide them equally. Equal distribution of labor is not only about assigning five chores to each other,but also dividing the level of burdens equally.
  • Set a schedule for every chore, according to your convenience. Make sure to stick to that schedule.

It takes a lot of adjustment, but your family will get used to it eventually.

9. Look at Your Man’s Picture to Boost Your Libido

In the world of tablets and social media, printing picturesTablet and putting them in a picture frame or in your wallet may be corny or embarrassing. In fact, that is one of the uses of tablets. In case your sex drive is missing in action for the past few months, you might want to consider this proposition: gaze at your significant other’s photo.

According to Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University, looking at your loved one’s photo for 30 seconds or longer triggers your brain to produce dopamine, a happy hormone. Dopamine increases the positive vibe in your system and at the same time, increases your libido.

Is there anything else easier than that? Don’t forget to keep his picture in your wallet in case you need a boost inside the bedroom.

10. Breathe In: Scents That Could Boost Your Sex Drive

Pheromones are a type of chemical, which an animal produces to cause changes in behavior and response. Animals use pheromones to:

  • Trigger an Alarm
  • Respect a Territory
  • Encourage Sexual Arousal
  • Follow a Food Trail

There is an ongoing debate whether humans have pheromones or not. However, studies show that scents could induce sexual response and get you in the mood, especially when you are ovulating. According to a British survey, women like men who smell like:

  • Printer Ink
  • Paint
  • Leather
  • Gasoline

Sweat is a sexual cue for women.Cinnamon Other scents that give your sex drive a boost include:

  • Musk
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon

Go to a department store or shopping mall near you to see if these scents are available. You can also get these scents online.


Boosting your libido requires lifestyle changes. Eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting rid of stress are the common ways to address sex drive issues. This list provides you with other techniques to bring back your sex life without paying for expensive pills or procedures.

Take a look at the list and choose three or more techniques to rev up your sex drive. In case lifestyle changes don’t work, consult a doctor,since this could be a signal of something serious.

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