Best Female Testosterone Deficiency Treatment

 female testosteroneThe market is teeming with various solutions for people having low hormonal level. There are synthetic and organic supplements that can help you revive your sex life.

Choosing for natural ways seems to be the best thing to do.  This is because they give you the best result without compromising your health. You can start by doing the natural female testosterone deficiency treatment. (more…)


16 Dating Tips For A Woman In Her 30’s

Dating in 30sIf you are 30 and single and are interested in dating, then keep on reading. Dating in your 30’s as opposed to your 20’s is definitely a different ballgame and there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

So, in this article, we will be looking at 16 great tips to help you along your romantic journey that will ensure that you find and keep the right guy for you. (more…)


About Female Testosterone Replacement Therapy Side Effects

 female testosterone therapyMany women are dealing with menopausal issues and sex problems, among many other health concerns. Thus, they engage in different courses of treatment to address these concerns.

Have you heard about female testosterone replacement therapy? This is one of the many treatment options available for women these days. Keep in mind that just like any other treatment, it also has side effects. (more…)


Xanax and Female Sex Drive

women in depressionAnxiety and panic attacks can affect one’s life, including sex. Most women having these problems experience a decrease in their sex drive. Taking depression medicines can address such concerns.

However, there are some depression medicines that make the problem even worst. Thus, breaking this cycle is hard, since sex can boost your mood and plays an important role in a relationship. (more…)