Women’s Testosterone Patch: A Treatment Option for Low Libido

DoctorWomen have various issues when it comes to health, especially with their reproductive system. As women age, these problems become evident.

These concerns affect their overall health. This is the reason why they look for ways to cure the various issues before they get worse. Seeking a doctor’s advice is still the best option. (more…)


How is a Women’s Sex Drive After Hysterectomy Surgery?

womenThese days, men are not the only ones who experience problems that have something to do with their sex lives. It is because women are also experiencing the same things.

In fact, a lot of women are having break ups in their relationships because of these sexual problems. It is a sad truth that no one can ever deny. This goes to show that immediate solution to these problems must be there. (more…)


Hormonal Help: High Levels of Testosterone and Female Facial Hair

Female Sexual DesireWhen women reach the puberty stage, there are things that gradually change within their bodies. These changes may occur during the late years of adolescence. There are even cases that the changes happen in the earlier stages of puberty. (more…)


Female Testosterone Gel: Improving Your Sex Life

female testosteroneIt is natural for women to experience problems and downfalls in their sex lives. However, it is necessary for you to do something in order to prevent it from getting worse. You can use some effective treatments available in the modern marketplace. (more…)