Female Testosterone Deficiency Test: Why Do You Need One?

female testosterone There are many individuals who are not aware of the fact that serum testosterone is also beneficial for women. Though men produce a lot of this hormone, females also produce such hormone, but not as much as men do.

The decrease and increase in T levels can greatly affect both men and women. However, let us discuss more about the effects of its deficiency in women. A female testosterone deficiency test will serve as the tool to examine this condition.

The Female Testosterone Deficiency Test

To those of you who are not aware about how to learn if you are suffering from testosterone deficiency, you can undergo this test. The only thing that you need to do is to submit yourself for a series of laboratory tests.

These include, a complete blood count (CBC), a pap smear and a thyroid stimulating hormone (THS) test. Through these tests, you will not only learn if you are suffering from the condition but you will find out what is causing it. If you suspect that you are having hormonal problems, try to undergo such lab examinations.

Symptoms of Low T Levels in Women

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Symptoms Of A T level Deficiency:

  • lost of desire sexLoss of Desire for Sex – If you notice that you suddenly experience a lack of desire for sex, you could be experiencing a T level deficiency. Sex is important, especially if you are in a relationship.
  • Therefore, you have to address the problem as soon as possible. See a doctor and try to ask for a series of test for female hormone deficiency. Also, try to ask what treatment choice is best for you.
  • Fatigue –The feeling of too much exhaustion without cause could be a sign of a T level deficiency in women. If you experience this often, try to seek your doctor’s help immediately. Most commonly, doctors will give you vitamins or pills to treat the imbalance. In addition, some will advise you to undergo a testosterone deficiency test for women to be sure about your condition.
  • Muscle and Bone Weakness –This is one of the many symptoms of low T levels. If left untreated, it will worsen. It would be better if you treat the problem immediately to avoid serious complications. Doctors can prescribe you some vitamins to help keep your bones and muscles strong. As for your T level deficiency, hormonal therapy will do the trick. Your doctor will use your test results to determine the best treatment for you.
  • Inability to Get Some Sleep – Commonly termed as insomnia, this condition is also a sign of T level deficiency in women. If you think that you are having inability to sleep most of the time, you should consult your doctor. Try to seek some help. Insomnia can cause other health risks, so it’s far better to address as soon as possible.

Risks and Causes of Lack of Testosterone in Women

  • doctorHysterectomy – If you have undergone this procedure, this is a common reason why you experience low T levels. Removal of the female reproductive organ can greatly affect the production of your testosterone, so you should expect abnormality of its level if you undergo one.
  • Hormonal therapy can help you overcome the condition. See your doctor to discuss the right treatment for you.
  • Early Menopause – This condition often occurs if you have premature ovarian failure. If this is the case, you need to consult your doctor and ask for a suitable treatment. Some doctors will recommend female test for hormone deficiency to double check. It is also essential to follow a healthy diet to keep your body at optimum level of wellness.
  • Lack of regular exercise – A lack of regular exercise and even sex can cause low levels of testosterone. If you want to get your T levels to their normal state, you need to be involved in regular exercises, including sex. This will keep you alive. Start doing this now in order not to worsen your condition.
  • Unhealthy Diet and Vices – Drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking cigarettes and eating unhealthy foods can also trigger a T level deficiency. If you think that you are suffering from such a condition, stop those unhealthy habits at once. Also, try to visit your doctor and see if you have any other health problems causing the condition. Your doctor can get to the root of the problem and give you treatment options to address it.

Treatment Options for Females Suffering From Low Testosterone Levels

If there is a confirmation that you are suffering from a lack of testosterone, you can see your doctor immediately to discuss your treatment options. Doctors can recommend hormone replacement therapy. Creams, injectable and pills are some of the forms of HRT. Regular exercise and a healthy diet is also a good resort, so you can opt for this if your levels aren’t low enough for HRT.

Regular exerciseWomen who suffer from low T levels should never hesitate to consult a doctor if they experience some of the symptoms associated with it.

In addition, you can undergo a female testosterone deficiency test to confirm this condition. There are treatment options available, so you do not need to worry.

Natural methods are also a good resort, so you can try regular exercise and a healthy diet, along with your hormone therapy.

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