Females With No Testosterone: Symptoms and Effects

femaleIt’s true that the production of testosterone is lower in women as compared to those in men. Women produce just a fraction of the amount of this hormone each day that men do.

However, a woman’s sex health may decline by the decreased levels of this hormone.  The lack of this hormone in a woman’s body could result to a number of medical conditions,

With the loss of sex drive as the most common. Let us look at the possible symptoms and effects of females with no testosterone.

Role of Testosterone in Women

It is important that you understand the role of this hormone in women. With this, you can avoid possible health issues that may occur since you are knowledgeable about it.

  • Preserves Cognitive Health – Changes in the hormone levels of the body have many effects. One of which is the changes in cognition and cognitive fatigue. Correcting the levels of this hormone can have a positive effect to cognitive health. It is important that one should undergo tests to know the condition of such hormone and high or low. In this way, you can have an idea about what bodily changes to expect in the future.
  • women in painManages Pain Levels – There are research studies in the past that have suggested how hormones contribute in some processes of the brain.
  • According to research in the journal, Pain, women who have out of balance levels of this hormone might have some problems in some aspects of their brain processes.
  • One example of this is the claim that women might have less of an ability to manage their pain response if they have hormonal imbalances. It is important that a woman know the steps on how to help maintain hormone levels in the body.
  • Maintains Healthy Bones – There are many studies that have supported the claim of the role of this hormone in improving bone strength. The healthy balance of this hormone further promotes the growth of bones. It is also important to note that too much or too little of the level of such a hormone in the body can harm the bones, as well. Even hormone replacement could help some women maintain the healthy condition of their bones.
  • foodImproves Sex Drive – Many women experience a decline in their sex drives as they age. This could be a result of lowering hormone levels in their body.
  • There are now a number of remedies available to enhance the amount of this hormone in women.
  • The loss of interest in sex may have different factors aside from just the hormone itself. That is why the desire to improve sex drive needs more cooperation from you. Living a healthy life and eating the right kinds of food is also a big factor.

Signs to Look for in Females With No Testosterone

These are lots of signs that you can observe to detect low levels of this hormone in your body. You must know these signs, so that you can determine them as early as possible if there are threats for your health condition. Even so, you will need blood testing to confirm your suspicions. Here are some of them:

  • Loss of Interest in Sex – The tendency of women to be less active in sex is higher as they age. With changes in the hormone levels, come sudden changes in the sex life of women, as well. This happens mainly because this hormone plays an important role in the sexual arousal of both men and women. Hormone replacing procedures are now widely available to help you restore your sex drive to normal levels.
  • women in depressionDepression – Decreased levels of the hormone can also cause emotional symptoms such as depression. This is mainly because the hormone plays an important role in mood stabilization and mental focus.
  • A general lack of motivation and a loss of interest in any sexual activities may also arise during the decline of this hormone. Antidepressant drugs mistakenly present it to cure such emotional symptoms of this hormone decline. Keep in mind that it is important to examine thoroughly your condition before taking any medication.
  • Fatigue – A sudden drop in energy levels is also evident during low level of this hormone in the body. Activities which do not normally cause fatigue may leave you feeling exhausted. If you find yourself tired, even though you are getting enough sleep at night, lowering levels of hormone could be the underlying problem. You may have a hard time finding the energy to get out of bed in the morning as well.
  • Hair Loss – This hormone also supports healthy hair production and maintenance, which is why the lack of this hormone causes hair loss in both the head and the body. It supports the claims that hormone-replacing process promotes hair growth. This symptom most often manifests in patchy hair cover on the head. It is important to take supplemental doses that will restore your testosterone to normal.

Some women may not understand how this hormone plays a major role in the processes of their body. It is important for them to have the will to maintain a healthy level of this hormone by living a healthy lifestyle and eating the right kinds of foods. If you understand the effects of females with no testosterone or even low testosterone, you will have an idea of what you should do and what you shouldn’t. This will lead you to not only a better sex life, but also a healthy life, in general.

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