Female Testosterone Deficiency Test: Why Do You Need One?

female testosterone There are many individuals who are not aware of the fact that serum testosterone is also beneficial for women. Though men produce a lot of this hormone, females also produce such hormone, but not as much as men do. (more…)


Understanding the Female Sex Drive While Pregnant

pregnant womenWomen vary when it comes to terms of sex drives level during pregnancy. Some may experience a dramatically increased sex drive at certain times, while other experience the opposite for the entire duration of their pregnancy. (more…)


Females With No Testosterone: Symptoms and Effects

femaleIt’s true that the production of testosterone is lower in women as compared to those in men. Women produce just a fraction of the amount of this hormone each day that men do.

However, a woman’s sex health may decline by the decreased levels of this hormone.  The lack of this hormone in a woman’s body could result to a number of medical conditions,

With the loss of sex drive as the most common. Let us look at the possible symptoms and effects of females with no testosterone. (more…)

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Female Testosterone and Hair Growth: What Women Need to Know

women hairsHair is a beauty factor that most women need to take good care of in order to feel good about themselves. It gives your face a full and luscious look. What if, instead of adding beauty, it becomes a problem?

Let us say you, as a woman, are having an excess hair growth in inappropriate places in your body or you getting bald. Impossible, you say? (more…)


Female Testosterone Hair Growth: The Mystery Solved

Female testosterone There is an assumption, you might even say a claim, that it is not normal for women to have body hair in certain places.

This, however, is a fallacy and not biologically true, as women grow hair in many places naturally. The main reason for this we will get to later, but it is basically due to testosterone. (more…)