Low Female Sex Drive: How to Increase It Fast

low female sex driveSex drive is very crucial in a relationship. It either maintains the stability of a relationship or breaks it apart. Having the fear of losing their love ones, women often wonder and ask low female sex drive: how to increase it fast?

Although the change in your lifestyle is the safest way to increase sex drive, it may take a few months before sex drive starts to kick in. Thus, this article enumerates the ways on how to quickly increase sex drive.

Basic Measures To Increase Female Sex Drive Via Lifestyle Changes Are:

1. A Healthy Meal Plan
2. Regular Physical Activity
3. Adequate Sleep
4. Counseling Sessions
5. Hormonal Drugs

Low Female Sex Drive: How to Increase It Fast Via Female Enhancement

Here is how to increase low female sex drive fast via female enhancement products:

  • Female Enhancement PillsFemale Enhancement Pills: This is the most common form of female enhancement. Female enhancement pills are a combination of natural herbs, like ginkgo biloba and other herbs, proven and tested to improve sex drive. Furthermore, female enhancement pills also boost the reproductive system health, making it function better.
  • The efficiency of these pills runs between three to six months. One caveat is to take precaution when choosing pills, as they may contain ingredients harmful to you if you have any existing health conditions.
  • Hormonal Contraceptives: There are also instances when decreased sexual desire is caused by hormonal imbalances, such as low testosterone levels. Addressing these with the use of hormonal contraceptives helps revive sex drive faster than you may think. One of the most common hormonal contraceptive is the supplement, DHEA that you can buy over-the-counter. DHEA improves hormonal imbalances and sex drive, and also enhances overall moods and sleep.
  •  female enhancement creamFemale Enhancement Creams or Gels: These female enhancement products are like pills in such a way that they are both made of natural herbs. However, in contrast to pills, female enhancement creams and gels are applied topically, instead of taking it per mouth.
  • These products are also sold over the counter, but it is suggested that you seek a doctor’s advice prior to purchase. Like oral pills, female enhancement creams and gels have side effects.
  • Herbal Products: Herbal products for increasing female sex drive come in the form of tea or coffee. Common ingredients for herbal products are damiana leaf, ginseng and ginkgo biloba.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy: This method is applicable only to women with low sex drive due to hormonal imbalances. Hormone replacement therapy restores diminished hormones with synthetic ones to maintain balance among hormones in the body. However, this choice of method can be very complicated and risky, because it may predispose you to blood clots, heart attacks, strokes and deep vein thrombosis.

Low Female Sex Drive: How to Increase It Fast Via Counseling

female enhancement productIf your sex drive is beginning to split your relationship apart, it is important for you to communicate as a couple.

However, in most cases, it is hard to bring up and discuss your inner feelings and struggles about your situation. If trying to talk it over is not possible, then a counseling session or two is worth a try.

Women can also, at the same time, attend counseling while they engage in lifestyle changes and use female enhancement products. Actually, participating in counseling sessions is proven to help unveil and resolve issues a woman keeps to herself. She and her partner can participate in the following types of counseling session:

  • Sexual Therapy: During sexual therapy, the woman, with or without her partner, will discuss what her inner feelings are about herself, her partner and sex.
  • Furthermore, the sex therapist tries to dig into her subconscious to see if there is something wrong in the patient’s psychological aspects that causes the decrease in sexual desire.
  • Sex therapy may take from a few days up to few months, until issues and crises are resolved.
  • Marriage Counseling. This type of counseling is similar to sexual therapy. However, unlike sexual therapy, marriage counseling focuses on the marriage as a whole, and sex is only part of the big picture. The goal of marriage counseling is to revive the reasons why the couple decided to unite in vows, and to make them realize that marriage is not just about sex alone.
  • Support Group Sessions. A support group session is a collection of people coming together to share their experiences on a certain life problems, and at the same time, learn from the experiences of others. This session is led by an expert in the field, more often a psychologist, but most of the talking is done by the participants.
  • female enhancement productWomen may, at times, jump into decisions as soon as they find the answer to the question, “low female sex drive: how to increase it fast?”
  • However, it is important for them to first seek a doctor’s advice before they purchase female enhancement products. This is a must whether the female enhancement products are sold with prescription or over-the-counter.

This is because the underlying cause of decreased sex drive may either be due to hormonal imbalances or abnormalities in organ systems. Seeking a doctor’s help and treating the underlying cause helps revive sex drive faster than experimenting with your health. A doctor can pinpoint the problem and monitor your treatment plan, helping you feel better faster.

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