The Keys to Understanding Female Sex Desire

Female Sexual Desire Sexual desire is defined as an interest or a motivational state a person experiences or feels towards sexual objects or activities.

In addition, it is also defined as a need, a drive or a wish to look for sexual objects or engage in sexual activities. In this regard, understanding female sex desire means we must familiarize ourselves with the concepts of arousal and orgasm. (more…)


Testosterone and the Female Memory: What’s the Connection?

WrinklesMenopause is an inevitable change that occurs in women, and most of them fret about its onset because of the many changes that go with it.

Aside from the appearance of wrinkles and other superficial signs of aging, women also undergo a change that affects their quality of life.

One of the dreaded changes that come with menopause is decreased cognitive function. Studies prove that there is a link between testosterone and the female memory. (more…)


Lava Female Enhancement Reviews: Does It Work for Low Libido?

female enhancement productMany of us think that only men suffer from sexual issues. However, we should keep in mind that females are facing the same problems that men suffer from these days.

This is the reason why there are many women looking for female enhancer to boost their libido. The market is teeming with various female enhancement products. Thus, searching for the best one is much more difficult. (more…)


Low Female Sex Drive: How to Increase It Fast

low female sex driveSex drive is very crucial in a relationship. It either maintains the stability of a relationship or breaks it apart. Having the fear of losing their love ones, women often wonder and ask low female sex drive: how to increase it fast? (more…)