Get Female Sex Drive Back by Addressing the 3 Common Culprits

women loss sexual desireBeginning in their 40’s, women begin to loss sexual desire. This continues to diminish and get lost until the woman reaches menopause. The loss of sexual desire can potentially turn into a marital problem and peaks between ages 35 and 64. (more…)


Female Sex Drive and the Menstrual Cycle

woman’s menstrual cycleMen are not the only ones who have worry about their performance in bed. Whether you believe it or not, women also fret about this.

If men are concerned about the size of their penis and their performance and bed, females get anxious when they have low libido.

However, finding a solution to a low libido can be hard. This is because a woman’s sex drive is affected by various factors. Among these factors, a woman’s menstrual cycle is the leading reason for her changing libido. Let’s find out why. (more…)

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Female Fertility and Testosterone Levels

woman testosterone problemA lot of women wonder whether or not there is a relationship between female fertility and their testosterone levels.

According to medical professionals, women with too high or too low testosterone levels often have difficulty in conceiving and carrying a pregnancy to full term. (more…)


Learn How to Get a Woman’s Sex Drive Up Effectively

Low sex driveLow sex drive makes women feel frustrated because they can’t respond with the same level of passion that their partner has. If you also have this problem, then you should know that you aren’t the only one who has had this experience. (more…)


Female Loss of Sex Desire: What Every Woman Needs to Know

female sexual disordersOne of the most controversial debates on sexuality is whether or not female loss of sex desire is a sexual disorder or not. There are those experts who claim that loss of libido in women is just a normal phenomenon.

Furthermore, they say that female sexual disorders, specifically the hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), are merely conspiracies created by pharmaceutical companies to mislead women about their problems and the only way to treat this is through drugs. (more…)