What Is The Female Libido And What Can Impact It?

DoctorYou may be wondering, what is the female libido? The word “libido” is something that we sometimes hear when a commercial for pharmaceuticals comes on.

Or perhaps you have heard your doctor mention it during a consultation. A lot of us know that the word “libido” has something to do with sex, but never fully understand what it is.

A libido is the desire for sex, or the “sex drive” as it is commonly known. Many people associate having a strong sex drive with masculinity and overlook the fact that women can have strong sexual desires as well. So what is the female libido? More importantly, what can you do to increase it, and what should you avoid that may decrease it?

The female libido differs from the male libido in that it is more of a mental phenomenon than a physical one. Men are more driven by the physical desire to have sex. The physical sensations are what bring them pleasure. While this is certainly an important factor for women as well, it is not wholly what the female sex drive thrives on.

Stress womenInstead, a woman has to be in the correct state of mind to enjoy sex. When a woman is confident, happy, and stress-free, she will be more likely to want sex. But if she is not, she will be less likely to be in the mood.

For instance, if a woman is not confident in her body or sexual skills, she will be less inclined to participate in sex. Her physical desire for sex may be there, but her mental inhibitions would trump them.

The women that are seen in sex scenes in the movies are flawless. They’re beautiful, sexy, and know exactly how to please their men. According to television, even the virgins manage to know what they need to do. In real life, these expectations are intimidating. While it’s true that most real life men don’t expect women to be like the sex goddesses that are seen on TV, women don’t know that.

All they know is that they don’t look like Scarlett Johansson when they slip into that lingerie. And that’s perfectly acceptable. Not every woman in the world is going to look like an actress or a super model, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t be considered beautiful. That is what a good partner will remind her. If you want to increase a woman’s libido, tell her that she is beautiful and sexy. Boost her confidence, and you will boost her libido.

moneyThe next thing that can impact a woman’s sex drive is stress. Granted, stress is an unavoidable part of life, but when it become too daunting, it can squelch libido faster than anything else.

A few of the most common stressors in a woman’s life include kids, money, bills, work, school, and house work. All of these things can build up into a mountain of libido-crushing stress.

How can you help? Try to alleviate the stress. Even little things can help lessen her burden. Offer to do the dishes or wash the laundry. Maybe you could go to the store for her so that she could take some time to herself. Cook a homemade dinner so that she can have the evening off.

If you’re really wanting some loving, send her to the spa! A facial, massage, or manicure and pedicure are some of the best stress-reducing things on the market. And remember, reduced stress equates to increased libido! The female libido is a wonderful thing. When nurtured, it will blossom into passionate romance. Next time you find yourself wondering what is the female libido, you will know exactly what it is and some of the best ways to increase it.

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