The Best types of Foods for Females to use to Increase Libido

womenWhen the correct foods are eaten they can have a marked influence on increasing the libido in women. These foods types additionally have a positive impact on relaxant, circulatory and the ability to strengthen muscles.

The brain is known to be the biggest sexual organ present in the body, to increase libido and to get in the mood women can eat certain foods that can boost the sex drive in a natural way.


WatermelonCertain experts are now claiming that watermelon can be compared to Viagra. When the fruit is consumed it delivers the same effects compared to Viagra.

This is due to the cirtrulline which is an amino acid present in watermelon, the amino acid is good for cardiovascular systems in the body. This helps blood vessels to relax that are associated in helping to up the sex drive in women.


Oysters have been used widely all over the world to get people in the mood to have sex. The oysters have a powerful way of improving the dopamine levels, this boosts libido in women and men of all ages.


Asparagus has a high content of vitamin B that helps to produce histamine, the histamine is good for improving sex drive. The organic type is even higher in the vitamin B department. Organic vegetables contain very little pesticides which can sometimes effect the quality of the vegetable.

4.Chocolate and Cocoa

chocolate cocoaCacao in its pure form is known as a super food and is known to be a very high antioxidant. The reason it is great for increasing libido is the presence of phenylethalamine which is a chemical that stimulates excitement.

It has been reported that women who eat small amounts of chocolate on a daily basis have more sexually active lives compared to women who don’t.


The high doses of essential fatty acids and vitamin C in the fruit has been known to increase the sexual appetite in most women who eat avocados on a regular basis.


This root has a history in Peru for its sex enhancing properties, it has been said that this plant can increase stamina, fertility, energy and all important libido increase in women and men.


It has been reported that if a man eats organic celery they will produce a pheromone that will make them irresistible to women. This pheromone is produced in the sweat glands on a man which women are instinctively attracted to the smell.

8.Pumpkin Seeds

The pumpkin seed has a high dose of zinc and important vitamins such as E, C, D, K and B which are all known to boost the libido. They also include high doses of potassium, niacin and calcium that are great for overall health and increased energy levels.


The capsaicin present in chillies can rev up a women’s libido in an immense way. Chillies release a chemical in the body that helps to release endorphins, raise the heart rate. This gives women a feeling of a high that is natural which pumps up the libido levels.


In certain societies the fig fruit is associated with fertility, the high doses of vitamin C can boost energy levels and help to enhance the libido feelings in women.


GarlicGarlic in its raw form is known to stir up feelings of sexual desire in females. The allicin in garlic increases the blood flow to the sexual organs.

It is said that raw garlic will need to be consumed on a daily basis in order to start feeling the full effects. For women who are sensitive to the taste and odour of raw garlic it is said that garlic capsules can work just as well.

It can easily be worked into the diet of any women and the effects can give pleasing results in the long run. Garlic capsules are available at most health stores or organic food markets.

It is advisable that the above food items should be eaten regularly and combined in as many ways as possible. The combination of the foods can have a powerful and desirable effect on women who are trying to increase their libido levels. The wonderful advantage about most of these food types is they have a positive effect on weight loss and feeling good.

Diet FoodSticking to a low calorie diet that is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and contains high doses of vitamins can go a long way to increasing libido levels.

Eating healthy and regular exercise can get the blood flowing and help any women with low libido feelings to feel a marked improvement in the way they feel.

When these tips still don’t work it is advisable to consult with a doctor on how to deal with low libido issues. There are various supplements and treatments on the market that can help with low libido problems.

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