The Truth behind Women’s Sex Drive after Pregnancy

Stress womenMany factors affect a woman’s libido. Aside from the physical factors, there are also emotional factors that contribute to the diminishing sex drive of a female. It can be as simple as stress, which means you can easily restore your libido by relaxing.

However, there are hormonal changes that you also need to consider since they can affect your sex drive, as well. This is the reason why women’s sex drive after pregnancy is noticeably lower, compared to before pregnancy. (more…)

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Woman Sex Drive and Age

younger women Do you believe that a woman’s sex drive and age matters to men? It is undeniable that men are usually first attracted to women based on a woman’s look and physical appearance.

Next, men are into younger women than old ones for the notion that the younger a woman is the oozing their sex drive is. Because of these notions, men prefer younger women who look attractive and with oozing sex drive. (more…)


What Is The Female Libido And What Can Impact It?

DoctorYou may be wondering, what is the female libido? The word “libido” is something that we sometimes hear when a commercial for pharmaceuticals comes on.

Or perhaps you have heard your doctor mention it during a consultation. A lot of us know that the word “libido” has something to do with sex, but never fully understand what it is. (more…)


The Best types of Foods for Females to use to Increase Libido

Dark chocolates

womenWhen the correct foods are eaten they can have a marked influence on increasing the libido in women. These foods types additionally have a positive impact on relaxant, circulatory and the ability to strengthen muscles.

The brain is known to be the biggest sexual organ present in the body, to increase libido and to get in the mood women can eat certain foods that can boost the sex drive in a natural way. (more…)