“My Libido is Gone”: Female Sex Problem with Multifactor Causes and Solutions

femaleSexual intimacy is a very important aspect in an adult’s life especially if they are currently in a relationship. That is why females with no libido are very concern when they realize that they are affected by this condition.

This is because they felt that this could affect their relationship. “My libido is gone” female sexuality experts often hear this problem from clients who are entering their 40’s, but this problem can also affect younger women. (more…)


How Female Libido Works? The Ins and Outs

female libidoFemale libido is a topic that is often avoided because it is generally not considered important. Yet, women suffering for a lowered libido will look to argue this point.

Not being able to achieve complete satisfaction from your sexual life can be disconcerting and lead to a lot of frustration.

Your self-confidence will often go down and this can lead to a lot of other side-effects that can be avoided with an apt solution. Female libido is a topic that is avoided and has thus become a topic that few know about. This piece will look to enlighten readers on how female libido works. (more…)

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Considering Some Factors and Foods that Up Female Sex Drive

WomenWomen are very delicate. As what others think, women are more passive when it comes to sex. However, various studies have proven this otherwise. This is because women are also into sexual intercourse as much as men are.

On the other hand, there are often times the body rejects the idea, even if the brain is constantly giving out signals to trigger a woman’s libido. Therefore, in order to evoke one’s libido, one can eat foods that up female sex drive.

Throughout history, men have proven themselves as sexual predators. It has been a practice ever since the ancient times through tomes, books and ancient relics. These facts do not only reflect males, but also females. (more…)

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Female Testosterone in Utero

female The essential sex hormones produced in every female plays a vital role in major organs of the body particularly in the reproductive system.

For instance, female testosterone in the uterus support or has great influence in the behaviour of the fetus after gestation period.

It has also contributions in the brain development of the baby in early stage which greatly affects the behavioural aspect. (more…)


Female Testosterone Bodybuilding

female testosteroneThey say that testosterone hormone is only present in men and not in women. However, later it is found that testosterone hormone does exist in both male and female since birth. The only differentiating factor is the level or amount the organs produce.

For male, testosterone is produced in the testes at higher amount while in females; it is produced in the ovaries at low amount. Too much female testosterone is not good for women’s health. (more…)