Woman Sex Drive With Age

Women Sex DriveA woman’s sex drive is said to depend on her age. The younger the woman is especially in her teenage and young adult years the higher her sex drive is.

This is based on the principle that women during their adolescent years have the highest amount of estrogen, which is actually at their peak. As women grows old, the estrogen level decreases too which in effect lessen their sex drives.

You can therefore say that a woman’s sex drive with age say about 18 to 30 is at its peak. However, there are unfortunate women who despite their young age suffer from less or no sex drive at all. This is why female enhancement pills were created to meet the needs of these women. There are different sexual dysfunctions or disorders women suffers from that not all people know about.

What Are The Different Types Of Female Sexual Dysfunction?

If some men suffer from ED or Erectile Dysfunction as they age, women too suffer from Female Sexual Dysfunction and such condition is divided into 4 different types.

A woman must be knowledgeable about such disorder in order for them to easily identify if she is suffering from these conditions or not and be able to remedy it. A woman’s sex drive with age younger than 40’s could possibly suffer from these dysfunctions.

* Low Sexual Desire – This type of dysfunction is the diminishing sex drive or otherwise known as the libido of women. Women tend not to be interested to have sex, they usually have little amount of drive to perform sexual intercourse.

* Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD) – This is one of the most common sexual disorders for most women. According to research, it affects almost 50% of women in the United States. FSAD is defined as the inability of a woman to hold or prolong her arousal state. Although a woman has an intact or normal sex drive level, she may still have difficulty getting wet and be aroused to perform sexual activities.

Sexual Intercourse* Orgasmic Disorder – Unfortunately, this disorder is quite frustrating for women who suffer from such condition are unable to achieve orgasm.

In this state, women comes with oozing libido and there’s no issue regarding her arousal capability, however, it is difficult for her to reach the stage of orgasm and worst, no orgasm at all.

A woman’s sex drive with age at their early 20’s maybe high or oozing but if there’s an inability to reach orgasm, and then the sexual intercourse itself is useless.

* Sexual Pain Disorder – This disorder could be one of the worst a woman could have. Pain is definitely a negative feeling especially if a woman feels pain every sexual intercourse. If pain is felt, the act of sex becomes less enjoyable and interesting anymore.

Does Age Affects Sex Drive?

According to science and medicine, estrogen level is higher when a woman reaches the age of puberty or adolescent years. A woman’s sex drive with age 18 is said to be very aggressive and sexually inclined. However, a woman’s sex drive with age 40 and above are said to be declining which is natural for the estrogen level at such age decreases too.

Women will naturally come to a point of menopausal stage where their menstrual cycle or period will stop. It is during these phase in a woman’s life that their libido dramatically decreases. Some are suffering from different symptoms such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness. During menopausal stage, estrogen levels dramatically decreases and a woman’s hormonal balance is unstable.

So if you weigh things out, age naturally affects sex drive. If a woman however suffers from certain medical condition like pituitary tumor or other disorders that affects hormones at a young age, a woman’s sex drive with age young enough from menopausal can still be affected by low sex drive.

Woman’s Sex Drive With Age 50: Is Sex Still Possible?

Female Enhancement PillsYou might think a woman at her senior year is not interested to perform sex anymore. You may even think that a senior woman does not have any oozing libido, right?

You must note that age is not the only factor that affects sex drive. Some old women are taking female enhancement pills to enhance their sexual activity. A woman’s sex drive with age 50 can still be very sexually active!

In fact, if you check on Hollywood, old women in their 50’s are still partying with younger men in their 20’s and even have sex! Female enhancement products are now very useful. A woman can simply carry it in their purse and use it if the situation calls for it.

Seriously, female enhancement products are potent and can be used if needed provided you have your doctors’ approval. You also need to make sure you are healthy and have no heart problems.

Enjoy Sex Regardless Your Age

There are women who restrict their selves from having sex because they say they’re old enough for such activity. Some are too conservative and find it impossible to perform sex at their age when their body seems to look old and wrinkled. Still, doctors recommend having sex for it is important just like exercise.

Experts claimed that a woman’s sex drive with age older than 40’s is still there and does not diminish unless she is suffering from a medical condition or any sexual dysfunction. If no known unhealthy condition, sex is something that every woman should enjoy. Don’t allow your age to hinder you from experiencing an enjoyable sex as you grow old.

A woman needs to age gracefully and actively. Just like men, women need past time and sex life regardless their old age. So if you think a woman’s sex drive with age older than 40’s are none existing; then think again for there are a lot of methods to enhance sexual appetite. Overall, a woman’s sex drive with age 40, 50, and even 60 can still be oozing with the help of female enhancement products.

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