What Are the Ingredients in Provestra and Are They Safe?

Woman Sex DriveAs women age, it is common for their sex drive to slowly decrease. There are even those who are still in their thirties, but already having problems with their libido.

The most common culprit for this is hormonal changes, which often come with menopause. Some women will also have a low sex drive because of menstruation or giving birth.

Feeling of overwhelming stress and poor health might also add up to this problem. Let us face it; sex is important in a relationship. Most relationships cannot flourish if there is little or no intimate action at all. That is why most women resort to the use of sex drive enhancing products. One of the best in the market today is Provestra. (more…)

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Female No Desire For Sex

Female Sexual Arousal DisorderNot all women loves having sex, there are females with no desire for sex.

In fact, some survey shows that this lack of sex drive is common to women as compared to men and this is what doctors call the FSAD of the Female Sexual Arousal Disorder.

According to the American Media Association research, there are currently millions of women specifically in the United States who are suffering from such disorder.

Females with no desire for sex are honestly a bit frustrating to think that sex is an enjoyable activity together with your partner. It can be very satisfying especially if couples have high libido. Unfortunately, the number of females with no desire for sex continue to increase which is almost half the population of 43% of women in the United States are affected. (more…)

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Woman Sex Drive With Age

younger women

Women Sex DriveA woman’s sex drive is said to depend on her age. The younger the woman is especially in her teenage and young adult years the higher her sex drive is.

This is based on the principle that women during their adolescent years have the highest amount of estrogen, which is actually at their peak. As women grows old, the estrogen level decreases too which in effect lessen their sex drives.

You can therefore say that a woman’s sex drive with age say about 18 to 30 is at its peak. However, there are unfortunate women who despite their young age suffer from less or no sex drive at all. This is why female enhancement pills were created to meet the needs of these women. There are different sexual dysfunctions or disorders women suffers from that not all people know about. (more…)

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Women’s Sex Drive Vs. Men’s Sex Drive

Men And Women Sex DriveIt has been one of the greatest debate topics of all times and the question still remains between women’s sex drive vs. men’s sex drive.

We all know that when it comes to sex, men seem to be stimulated and aroused as fast as compared to women.

This is probably due to the fact the men respond easily to physical cues rather than emotional cues.

When men see a woman naked, this image cue is a big stimulant to their manhood. However, in women it is not as simple as showing an image. (more…)

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Female Natural Testosterone Boosters

Female Natural Testosterone BoostersThe female enhancement industry is quite popular in providing women with low sex drive find solution to their sexual problems.

Although boosting your testosterone hormone to enhance your sexual appetite is commendable, doing the natural means is by far the best option a woman can do to remedy her situation.

Drugs and other high end gadgets are now vast becoming popular. Aside from it provides instant results, it also makes a woman’s life a lot easier when it comes to sex. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy sex instantly? Therefore most women especially those that are aging and are already in their menopausal age are quite desperate to experience the effects of some female enhancement products instantly. (more…)

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Female Enhancement Gel

Low Sex Drive DysfunctionFemale enhancement industry is currently one of the most successful industries that the society depends on when it comes to enhanced sexual pleasures and libido.

Because sex is one of human’s major needs, it is just normal for women to seek medications such as female enhancement gel, supplements, natural remedies and alternatives to correct low sex drive dysfunction.

It may come as a surprise to you however women are now starting to embrace the use of female enhancement gels and pills to boost their sex drive as well as experience orgasm successfully. Just like men, women are also craving for sex and the only difference is women crave for sex discreetly! (more…)

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