Pills 101: A Rundown On Natural Breast Enhancement Pills

male enhancment pills

One of the biggest concerns among women these days is the bust size. While some are naturally gifted, there are others who are willing to do anything to increase their cup size. To address this demand, a lot of products are offered that help enhance the breasts. Since surgery can be expensive, enhancement pills can be your best option. (more…)


How To Increase Female Libido Naturally Through Food

Diet Food

If you don’t know it yet, sex is one of the most essential components of a person’s life. Lack of sexual intimacy is becoming one common problem for many women all throughout the world.

For those who feel like they need that boost in their sex drive, there is really no need to worry because you can learn how to increase female libido naturally through food and through female libido supplements.

This article will help you learn about what you could eat to increase your sex drive and also features one safe and effective dietary supplement to help in increasing a woman’s libido. (more…)

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Female Testosterone Overload

Female TestosteroneWomen produce two major sex hormones, the estrogen and progesterone. They are mainly produced by the ovaries but other organs like adrenal cortex and adipose tissue also secretes these two hormones.

Besides these female sex hormones, women are also capable of producing another hormone dominant to male, the testosterone.

Sex hormones have different important roles in female body but sometimes it can also leave bad effects towards the body like female testosterone overload. (more…)


Female Sex Drive In 40s

Female Sex DriveFemale sex drive in 40’s is said to be different as compared to younger women. Women in their early 40’s have higher or more intense sex drive due to female testosterone production which is said to be on the rise.

Aside from the production of testosterone, women in their early to late 40’s are mostly stress free since it is at this stage that the mothering stage is over.

Mothering stage or mommy stage is when a woman surpasses the stage of milk filled breasts. It is at this age that women are more confident about their body and some may even have gotten their pre-baby figure which makes them feel sexier. (more…)

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Women’s Free Testosterone Levels

vital sexual hormoneIt is important that we know the functions of testosterone for both men and women. Testosterone is vital sexual hormone that supports numerous health activities particularly in sexual aspects.

For those who don’t know, testosterone also exists in women despite being considered as a male sex hormone.

However, the amount of testosterone in a woman’s body is minimal as compared to a man. It is also vital to know the amount of essential hormone directly utilized by the body because women’s free testosterone levels might be higher than the level of testosterone absorbed by proteins in the body. (more…)

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