Female Sex Drive Post Menopause

Female sex driveFemale sex drive post menopause is said to be waning or decreasing due to hormonal changes. A sexual activity in aging women for some becomes less enjoyable as compared to before when you were younger.

Studies show that the abrupt natural decline in a woman’s female sex hormone estrogen can cause discomfort and that includes discomfort in sex due to low sex drive.

A woman’s body is said to be undergoing a lot of changes and most changes are quite undesirable such as dryness of skin and even the vaginal area, occurrence of grey hair, and even decreasing self esteem is noted and depression.

Research showed that female sex drive post menopause also decreases due to painful sexual intercourse and the affected percentage is about 84% while about 70% of these women admit that their relationship indeed suffered.

If this is the case, it is a must that menopause women must learn how to overcome these challenges in their womanhood and be brave enough to seek help and guidance from the experts such as their doctors.

There’s nothing wrong if you find your own solution to your own problem, however if it affects your relationship with your partner, if it makes you feel down most of the time which can lead to severe depression, it is a high time to face the truth and seek help. But what is menopause anyway and why does it causes a lot of undesirable effects to all women? Let’s find out.

What is Menopause?

Scientifically, the menopause stage is considered as the time when women in the age bracket of late 40’s precisely at 47 to 53 years old are not producing any estrogen hormones anymore. It is also the phase in women’s life when they no longer have their monthly menstrual cycle. This phase is divided into 3, the pre menstrual phase, the menstrual phase and the post menstrual phase.

symptoms of menopauseThe major stressful signs and symptoms of menopause are when a woman starts feeling the hot flashes and sweating attacks as well as low libido which can be skipped if only women know how to take care of their selves properly and how to deal with these kinds of symptoms.

Yes, female sex drive post menopause can be manipulated and boosted and same goes with hot flashes and sweating attacks which can all be lessen in severity.

Components of Sex Drive

Female sex drive post menopause may decline due to hormonal changes however its components will always be the same. Sex drive is basically the interest of every person to perform sex and any sexually related activities. It is said to have 3 existing components and these are the following:

* Drive – Experts define drive as a component considered to be biological in nature. This drive can be categorized into different sexual thoughts and sexual fantasies wherein it makes a person quite erotically attracted to the opposite sex resulting in interest to perform sexual activity and other sexually stimulating acts that can cause tingling sensation to the genital.

The drive factor may vary depending on the person; it varies on the partner too which could be woman to man, man to man or woman to woman. This drive component is also present in aging women hence women’s sex drive post menopause may decrease yet it can easily be boosted provided the woman has oozing drive to perform sex.

* Understanding and Expectations – Although each person has varying sex drive, this drive can be altered or changed depUnderstanding and Expectations ending on a person’s beliefs in life as well as a person’s values and views and expectations with regards to sexual activities.

* Motivation – The motivation is also considered as the third main component of sex drive for it showcases the level of interest and willingness of a person to engage in a sexual activity. However, this component is known to be influenced by other factors such as the emotional aspect and the interpersonal aspect of each person.

Female Sex Drive Post Menopause: Will it Still be the Same?

A lot of aging women fear that when they reaches the age of menopause or if they are already passed their menopausal stage, they will have a decreased libido. Indeed it is natural for female sex drive post menopause to decline however it can easily be enhanced or at least lessen the declining percentage if a woman is sexually educated.

When we say sexually educated, it is the level of understanding a woman has with regards to the factors affecting her sexual interest such as her hormone levels, lifestyle, and other contributing factors that can possibly affect libido level.

Female sex drive post menopause will still be the same provided that you exert effort to balance or regulate your sex hormones specifically your testosterone and estrogen levels. This can actually be done by simply observing the right diet needed to boost female testosterone, working out and observing a healthy lifestyle with less stress and enough rest and sleep periods.

Is Sex Commendable Post Menopause?

 Post MenopauseYes, sexual intercourse is highly commendable even after menopause. Doctors are even recommending sex as part of a healthy routine. Just like performing an exercise, sex too can boost your health positively.

Therefore, if you are concerned if sex is prohibited in old age, the answer is no. Sex can be done by everyone regardless of her age. It can also be done as frequent as you want as long as you are not suffering from serious medical condition.

Female sex drive post menopause can easily be increased if you are really willing to boost it. You can take female enhancement products like creams and gels or you can take some therapy sessions or even hypnosis.

There are a lot of possible ways in case your sex drive is lowered by the time you reached your menopause age. So if you haven’t had sex for quite some time now since you are afraid that it is not commendable due to old age, erase such misconception and enjoy sex as much as you want.

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